Words From God To Encourage Me

A few years ago a Christian lady emailed me and she said that she thinks that she might have the Gift of Prophesy . . . By: OTG Ministry

I encouraged her to write down what God is telling her. About a week later she emailed me again and told me that God has a word for me. At the time I was feeling very frustrated with people about why they won't listen to the truth I am telling them in my videos. I asked her if I could share these words and she said yes. This is the first time I have shared these words with anyone. This lady hardly knew me, so the words she wrote had to come from God because they are extremely accurate about me and the gifts/fruits given to me. Keep in mind that these gifts/fruits are what all Christians need to have to get through the tough times ahead. If you do not have the gifts of wisdom, discernment and the Fruits of the Spirit, then it is very important that you pray to God and ask Him for them. This is the message she gave to me from God . . .


The Lord says He is mindful of you and that you are continually before Him in His thoughts . . .

"Do not be discouraged daughter. You are very precious in my sight. In you my beloved daughter, I am well pleased in you're obedience to me. It does not go unnoticed though man may disappoint you. You are not pleasing man you are pleasing you're Heavenly Father. Don't loose sight of that. Keep you're eyes on me. Do not look to the left or the right. Do not loose heart my beloved daughter. I will not give you nothing you cannot handle. I have given you great strength, endurance, agility, passion, loyalty, truth, wisdom, peace, joy, discernment, and knowledge. With what I have given to you comes with a great price, as well as my love for you came with a great price. My only begotten Son that shed his blood on Calvary that you and all who believe in him will have everlasting life. Remember beloved daughter, My Grace is sufficient for you. In you're weaknesses I am made strong. It is ok to feel vulnerable in my presence. It is during those times I am filling you with My love to strengthen you throughout you're day."

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