Word For The Bride

Daughter, shout from the rooftops! My word does not fall to the ground. When I speak, I expect humanity to listen. However, they have not. They see this as a thing. As something that will pass. Not so . . .

By: Roxanne

Humanity has now entered a new phase of slavery. Just like the israelites in Egypt. They have not connected this yet. Once they do, Civil War will break out all over the country, (USA). Unlike socialist countries, Americans will not tolerate the loss of freedom or the entrance of slavery. Once this starts, world wars will break out as a distraction to the masses. Foreign troops will take over and walk the streets of America. Safety will be lost. Do not go out. It will not be safe at this time. This is a time to get on your knees now before me, ask for forgiveness and pray for the lost.

Many lives will be lost during this time-millions. The bloodshed will be unnerving, causing the faithless and the wicked to collapse, meltdowns, (emotional). The troops will not stay long because there will be nothing left of America to conquer.

The disasters will come in waves, one event after another. Even the most faithful followers will question my judgments and think it cruel and unrighteous. I caution you now, be very very careful that you do not judge the creator of the universe. No man knows the heart of another man. Only I do. Therefore, I choose to destroy what is wicked.

To my bride, you know my heart, you know me, I love you. I do not wish for you to see this, but, all things must come to an end. You will be my witnesses to the ending of the wicked. I have given you grace to see this through. Lean on me, look to me only for your comfort, peace and provision. Encourage one another by prayers and supplication and sharing my word.

Time is up for the wicked and the lost. I have extended my grace, relented my judgments. Even now, man is going into famine and slavery yet he refuses to seek me. So be it. More judgments are coming. My people do not pray against my judgments. You are in disobedience and sin if you do. Pray for mercy, awakening and repentance.

Lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.


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