Woe To The Scribes And Pharisees

Updated: Jun 15

Woe woe to the scribes and pharisees have you not listened to the words of this hour? You should repent for the time of my coming is at hand . . . By: Cheryl Matthews

The time if My judgement is at hand. Ridicule Me all you want. I AM the one holding the cards in this hour. I AM the one delivering my one true church out of the demonic houses of God. I AM the one that will hold back no more. See what I will do in this hour. See what I will destroy in this hour. For recompense is mine saith the Lord. Look no more for my Spirit to be in the dwelling places of the unholy. Look no more for my Spirit to be in the words of the pharisees. For my word is spirit and truth. It cannot be corrupted. For I AM the Lord thy God that rules over all the nations. I am one that teareth down nations and raises them back up again.

For I say one more time bring back holiness in my house and congregation. For I will spare not one injustice in my house any longer. For I AM the one true God. For I dwell and build my houses of holiness. For the people who are called by my name know my voice. They are called by my name into the houses of worship that I choose. For I will pour out my Spirit like never before. For I will make people as examples of what I can do when I call someone by my name. I am putting a stop to the preachers that turn on a dime.

My words are not to be misrepresented. They are words of Spirit and Truth. For I have told this to you this day my child to warn the people sitting on the fence. To warn them I want wisdom and knowledge in my true church, not unholiness. For I am the one true God of Issac and Jacob. For I am standing upon my holy seat of habitation and I will pour out my Spirit and judgment. I am a fair God, but I will not smell the stench of lies and death in my church anymore.

Rise up my people who are called by my name, for I will cover you with my robe of protection. For you will be a sweet smelling savor in my nose. I will teach you my word the ones called by my name. You will serve no other gods but Me. For I am the one true God. I will have no other Gods before me. For I will deliver you out of the pit of destruction. I will deliver you out of the destroyers mouth.

For you are Mine saith the Lord, you are Mine. I love you so. You are my children. Now rise up, rise up, rise up, just as I AM rising up out of my holy seat of habitation. For my words are Spirit and Truth. For my words are saving words. For have I not told you of this time that is coming? For have I not told you that I will not spare my rod? For I am coming saith the Lord. I am coming. Seek me, seek my face and you will find me for I am never far from you. For I am your witness to the things hat I will show you.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is at hand.

I am coming soon.

Your Loving Father, Healer and Lord.