Will There Be A Pretrib Rapture?

Updated: Jun 15

My son destruction comes to the unexpected , my son write these PRECIOUS HOLY WORDS down . . . By: The Messenger

Many who call themselves so called CHILDREN OF GOD are not, they preach and practice a satanic doctrine sent from the pits of hell. MY HEART grieves as well as MY SPIRIT, MY so called disobedient children do not understand. They read MY WORDS and truly do not know the meaning, they read MY WORDS as text on pages and think they know ME or at least part of ME. They use MY NAME without a relationship and than later on wonder if they are saved and going to Heaven. Most who think that way are not worthy and will not step foot in MY KINGDOM. They never ask ME, YOUR GOD, YOUR CREATOR, THE FATHER IN HEAVEN, NOR MY SON JESUS THE CHRIST, OR EVEN MY HOLY SPIRIT, they would much rather ask man not ME. I am so tired of MY CHILDREN, just relying on the rapture to save them, the rapture will not, and I will repeat that the rapture will never save you from MY JUDGEMENTS, only MY WRATH. If you TRULY BELIEVE AND OBEY MY VOICE and REPENT AND FORGIVE others, you will not partake in MY WRATH. If you truly do not understand that concept than please read Matthew Chapter 7, 8, 15, and 4 and there you will find info on what I truly mean.

MY CHILDREN, yet again, I send numerous messages stacked to the HEAVENS and MY OWN just brush it off, they rely on MY SONS BLOOD and think yet again they will not go thru MY JUDGEMENTS. Yet again you let man deceived you into false hopes. Well your FATHER IN HEAVEN will tell you to stop believing in made up fairy tales. When you truly REPENT and you put all your FAITH, TRUST AND BELIEF IN WHAT MY SON, THE CHOSEN ONE did for you, than you can rest assured that you are saved. You must and I’ll say this whole heartily, you must, must repent of your sins, OBEY MY VOICE and ask forgiveness of all, everything, not just 1 thing, all things that you have sinned against your GOD. I am beyond tired and frustrated with MY OWN, thinking that they need not repent, that once you accept MY SON, MY ANOINTED ONE, that you never have to repent nor do anything for MY KINGDOM. You MY CHILDREN, have to at least be ready and cleansed for service for MY KINGDOM of some kind. Those who teach that you will go to Heaven on just belief are only fooling themselves.

My son write this down as well, MY WORD says in Romans 10:13 “for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. Did you ever question or ask what saved truly meant, or did you just let man dictate to you everything? Did you ask YOUR FATHER, OR MY SON, OR MY SPIRIT what being saved truly means? Most think they will go to Heaven and that is it, but oh no, it is just the start of your journey, there you will actually work more and be a part of MY KINGDOM, you will not slack in MY KINGDOM. MY CHILDREN, being saved is more than you think and more than you realize, that is why the narrow path leads to life and the wide road leads to destruction.

MY CHILDREN, the rapture is a reward for those found worthy and ready, for purposes set forth in MY KINGDOM. Most are not clean, their wedding gown still wrinkled, still spotted, they still are impure, not refined THRU MY HOLY FIRE. They are still prideful and not humbled for service. Again MY CHILDREN, how do I use a prideful, disobedient person in Heaven? When you are that way on earth, ask yourself that question. Most of MY BRIDE will not make the first fruits rapture, they will be left to contend with satan’s wrath.

MY BELOVED DISOBEDIENT ONES, who think they are worthy and never ask ME, you will be left here gnashing your teeth with shock and wonder as to why you were left. Did you just play church, did you follow man’s doctrines, did you truly repent and forgive others with your whole heart? Did you ask ME ,YOUR GOD FOR FORGIVENESS? No you did not! MY CHILDREN, THE WORTHY ONES, MY SON JESUS THE CHRIST YOUR SAVIOR, comes quick to take you soon. The time is at hand, MY FINAL DOOR KNOCKS are ending and soon all destruction comes forth. MY LITTLE ONES will be leaving soon, and I’ll say it again MY CHILDREN ARE MY HERITAGE THEY ARE MY REWARD not yours!! Children are pure and worthy to escape and be in MY KINGDOM. The time is oh so short, so be wise and make your last seconds count. The truly repentant and ones who truly believe your redemption draws nye at the door . All other ones are not ready nor worthy so please get ready.