Why Do Christians Weep or Cry?

I had a very difficult childhood . . . abuse, neglect, abandonment. There came a time in my childhood when I decided that I would not cry anymore . . . By: OTG Ministry

I had a very difficult childhood . . . abuse, neglect, abandonment. There came a time in my childhood that I decided that I would not cry anymore and that I would only laugh at the abuse that was happening to me. (a form of self preservation) It worked in that I mostly stopped crying, but unfortunately my heart started to turn to stone over the years. Then when I was 43 years old, I became a Born Again Christian and I got filled with the Holy Spirit. I immediately started to weep/cry a lot, which made me very uncomfortable. I had become like stone and I was fine with that at the time and did not like all this weeping/crying that was happening to me. I searched on google trying to find answers and I could not find anything at the time about what was happening to me. I have been a Born Again Christian now for 8 years and I have learned that these are some reasons of why God brings Born Again Christians into weeping . . .

4 Reasons of Weeping in the Spirit:

1. Through weeping, the Holy Spirit brings you into deliverance from demonic forces. If it were up to satan, he would have you to never cry and have your heart made of stone. With a heart of stone comes the spirit of pride, rebelliousness and vanity. Many people are in that condition when they become Born Again, like I was. The problem with that is that God turns his face from the proud and cannot work with a person who has a heart of stone. So the process of weeping in the Spirit will start to happen immediately and this will start to break chains of spiritual bondage. This will act as a type of deliverance and Christians will become free of many problems, and become free of the spirit of pride. God will then start the process of humbling you and molding you into His image. This is why you will see many baby Christians weeping as they tell their testimony of coming to Jesus. This is a beautiful thing that both Christian men and women do, because it means that God is truly working in their life and they are being delivered from spiritual bondage.

2. Through weeping, the Holy Spirit brings you into a state of repentance for your sins. Once the spirit of pride comes out of you, Christians are then called into repentance to God for their sins, which involves saying sorry to God and then "trying" to do a 180 degree turn from that sin. However, true repentance comes from the Holy Spirit, who brings us into weeping for our sins, where there is definitely a healing and more deep desire to turn from sin. Our sin starts to become more disgusting to us and easier to turn from when we weep in the Spirit. It is very important that we repent to God daily for our sins. (Matt 3:8)

3. Through weeping, the Holy Spirit brings you into a state of repenting for others. (intercession) Not only do you become sensitive about how you are living your life and fleeing from sins, but you start to become sensitive about what sins others are doing or have done. There was a family member of mine who was dying. He was mentally handicapped and could not repent, for he did not understand any of it. One day out of the blue, the Holy Spirit brought me into weeping and begging for God's Grace and Mercy for him. All throughout that day, I started repenting for him of the sins he had done. I then felt at peace and 2 days later he passed away. Weeping in the Spirit came over me because God wanted me to intercede for him before he passed away.

4. Through weeping, the Holy Spirit brings you into a state of weeping for the suffering of others. I rarely ever cry for myself because I live a very blessed life. I have ups and downs here and there, but for the most part I live a life full of joy, peace and love almost every single day. God has also given me a great love for others. The Holy Spirit that lives in me makes me hyper sensitive to the suffering of others. I cry almost every day for the lost and the suffering. Many times I beg God for Grace and Mercy for other people I come into contact with. I weep many times for people who cry because of their suffering. Through the Holy Spirit, Christians will start to bear the burdens of others. (Gal 6:2) Our lives should never be about ourselves, but be about loving others and having compassion for others. God will take care of you, so you don't have to worry about yourself.

Everything I just mentioned is really summed up in this scripture. (Luke.7:38,44) A woman went to Jesus and she started weeping at His feet, through the power of the Holy Spirit. She was repentant of her sins, she showed great love and compassion for Jesus. Her spiritual bondage was being broken from her as she humbled herself to Jesus and washed his feet, while others proudly thought they were too good to do that for Jesus . . .


She stood behind him [Jesus] at his feet, weeping, and began to bathe his feet with her tears and to dry them with her hair. Then she continued kissing his feet and anointing them with the ointment. Jesus later explained the situation to his host . . .

"she has bathed my feet with her tears, her sins, were many, have been forgiven; hence she has shown great love."



In closing, it is very important that weeping in the Spirit is part of your every day walk with Jesus. This is one of many reasons why you must become Born Again and filled with the Holy Spirit. If you are a Christian and you do not weep for your sins and for others, then get into prayer and ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit, so that you can be brought into repentance and be given love and compassion for others. Thank you for your time and may God bless you!