Who Pleases God The Most?

Updated: Jun 22

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About 6 years ago, I asked God who pleased Him the most.

By: OTG Ministry

About 6 years ago, I asked God who pleased Him the most. He did not say . . . the Baptists or the Charismatics, or any popular Preacher, or any American Preachers. He simply said . . . "Chinese Christians." I was confused by this because I didn't know anything about Chinese Christians. Then I learned at the time that China had the fastest growing Christian Community in the world. (now it is Iran) The reason why God told me "Chinese Christians," was because the Christians in China are highly persecuted and have to worship in secret or underground. They absolutely hunger for His word and are obedient to His word. They will worship daily, sometimes for 10 hours per day. They don't sell the Gospel and play "Church" on Sundays. God does not favor any nationality over another, but He does favor those who are His true children.

Persecution among Christians always reveals who are truly dedicated to Jesus and whom are not. God revealed to me that He is not happy one bit with most American Christians. They have become spoiled and disobedient. They have no clue what persecution is, and many think they are on their way to Heaven and they are not. This is why soon enough God will bring persecution to American Christians, and the rest of the world. Persecution always separates the wheat from the tares, just like it does in China and the early Church.

Of course there is always a remnant of Christians all around the world that please God the most. I recommend that Christians learn from persecuted Christians in China, Iran, etc, because they can teach you what to expect and how to react when the persecution comes . . . and it will come. Please pray for the Persecuted Church in China, Iran and other parts of the world.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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