Whistleblower Leaks Plans Of The NWO

Updated: Nov 21

Please Watch Video

This is a very important video to share and warn people that the New World Order that will happen very soon. In the video, someone was approached by the Elite or the Illuminati. They gave him details of how they plan on bringing the world into the New World Order, which will involve a One World Government, One World Religion and One World Currency and most importantly, a One World Leader who will be the Antichrist. Most of their plan has been accomplished. Their ultimate goal is to turn the people against their governments.

He even mentioned that people like Fauci is just being used and will be discarded. This makes sense because Fauci makes about $450,000 per year, which is pocket change compared to the billionaires. So technically, Fauci is not a part of the elite and will be used and discarded like mentioned in the video.

Once people have come up against their government/leaders, they will look to a new Government that will bring peace and order to the world again. This is where the Antichrist will step up and promise peace and safety. By this time people will have taken multiple vaccines and the Antichrist will require the Mark of the Beast to be given and for people to worship the Beast.

We are getting very near to the New World Order and Beast System. The Vaccines are a stepping stone to that Beast System, so do not take the Covid Vaccine for any reason and trust in God for everything now.

Thank you for watching and may God bless you!

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