Warning To America And The Churches

Updated: Jun 15

The Lord says, “The door is closing on America. I have had enough . . .

By: Matthew Love

Because of the babies you have murdered, Brother will turn against brother. I will turn them against one another and they will murder one another in the streets."

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. Ps 9:17 

Civil war is surely coming. Deception is in the air. Take heed to God’s voice and repent. If you are a believer, you must keep yourself spotless and pure. Repent before the Lord and He will forgive you. Obey Him. The next six months are crucial for America. 

I saw black and white people killing each other in the streets. I heard planes flying overhead and continuous gunshots. God is willing to forgive. We must repent and return to the Lord. It is a serious time of delusion and many are deceived. Stay close to God. Do not waste your time filling yourselves with the media or any form of wickedness. Stay holy and pure before the Lord. Preach the Gospel. Live a life worthy of the Gospel. 

There are serious and dark times coming to America. Civil war is imminent if we don’t repent. I saw a hammer and sickle; Russia is waiting for the right moment to attack. China will cooperate. Socialism and communism are trying to rise and destroy freedom. The gun shots were mostly of handguns and they were constant. Another virus will come as already prophesied by me and others. You must repent and remember the Word of the Lord. 

For the Pastors and the Church: 

Repent of your games. Repent of lukewarm Christianity and feeding your flocks milk. You have pleased men rather than God. You have loved money rather than the Spirit. You are found before the Lord unholy and unworthy. You are dead, blind, naked, deaf and dumb. You are foolish and wicked servants. The church must repent and change. We cannot continue in our man-made establishment any longer. We have to live out the Gospel with the power of God. Through holiness and repentance revival will come. No other way. Don’t listen to the false prophets who prophesy lies of blessing without repentance. These are false teachers who never speak against sin and who lie about knowing God. Do not be afraid. Dwell in the presence of God! Take this time to really seek and know Him. He loves you so much.