Video: Why God Sends Disasters

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We are in End Times now and God is angry with the world. God is angry with an unrepentant world who rejects Him/Jesus. God uses natural disasters to bring judgment upon the wicked. These disasters have nothing to do with "Climate Change." God is in full control of the world and the climate at all times. God also uses natural disasters to bring people to their knees. Disasters force people to humble themselves and cry out to God. God uses disasters to test the hearts of people. The wicked will take advantage of those who suffer. God shows mercy to those who show mercy on the afflicted. God also uses disasters to take possessions away from people. People love their possessions more than they love God. If God destroys all their possessions, then they are more likely to become dependent on God. God is also bringing these disasters as a way of showing Grace. He is bringing people all around the world to their knees. God does this so more people can make it to Heaven. He is starting to sort the wheat from the tares. (weeds) The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. Now you have an important choice to make . . . 1) Either you get on your knees and cry out and repent to a Holy God and fully surrender your life to Jesus Christ, or 2) Lash out to God and get angry and blame Him for your miseries and spend all eternity in hell. The choice is yours!

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