Very Disturbing: What Death By Vaccine Really Looks Like

Updated: 3 days ago

Please Watch Video

I am posting this disturbing video because I think it is very important for people to see what death can look like after a person has taken the Covid Vaccine. (death jab) In many countries, a person with an adverse reaction to the vaccine would probably be put on a ventilator at the Hospital until they passed. However, there are people in other countries that don't have access to such care. They do not have access to a ventilator, like the lady in the video. As you can see, this is not a peaceful death. This is very disturbing, sad and completely preventable.

May God have mercy on those who give the Death Jab to others and to those who push the vaccine and mandate the vaccine. What really is sad for me is that most of the people that die from the Vaccine are probably not saved. We all have to die and some of us do not die in a peaceful way, however, when we are saved through Jesus Christ, to die is gain. But if we are not saved through Jesus Christ, to die means to suffer for all eternity. Do not take the Covid Vaccine for any reason. Surrender your life to Jesus and live for all eternity.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you and keep you safe!

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