Vaccinated People Are Being Tracked

Updated: Jul 17

A person from China had heard that when a person is vaccinated they receive some kind of code and that code shows up on Bluetooth on an Android Phone . . . By: OTG Ministry

Ruth Smith (not real name) from China decided to test out this theory at a park. It is very possible that a type of Quantum ID Technology was injected with the Covid Vaccine that makes the body "Bluetooth Compatible." This will allow the Government to start tracking people in the near future. I highly recommend that you watch this video to get an idea of what technology they are putting in the Covid Vaccine and future Vaccines. (booster shots or variant vaccines) Do not take the Vaccine for any reason. It is a stepping stone (precursor) to the Mark of the Beast.

Click Here to Watch Video About the Technology in the Vaccine


Ruth Smith From China Writes . . .

1. Because of physical reason, my families did not take the vaccine. At home, I turned on the Bluetooth of my mobile phone, and neither Apple nor Samsung found that kind of code.

2. Yesterday, I happened to take the subway to a park, so I tested it by the way. On the subway, I turned on the Bluetooth of Samsung phone, and indeed a bunch of codes appeared. They were the same kind as the one my friend sent me. His phone was also an Android phone, and in the video which he sent me, the phone was Honor. But with an iPhone, you don’t get that code.

3. When I arrived at the park, there were not so many people there. At first, I was alone and nobody else. I turned on the Bluetooth of my Samsung phone and there was not any codes.

4. At the same spot, there came an old couple in their fifties. I quickly turned on the Bluetooth and immediately found two codes. I was a little shy about asking if they had taken vaccine, and then they just walked away.

5. At the same spot, both Bluetooth codes disappeared after the couple left. After a while, a security guard came along, and then a code appeared, and it was not the same as the previous two codes. I summoned up the courage to ask the security guard if he had taken the vaccine, he said, "yes." Then I asked if he had ever heard that vaccine can connect to Bluetooth, he smiled and said no. But he was surprised when I showed him the code.

6. Still at the same spot, the security guard left as well. Then came two elder sisters. There were two new codes that showed up in Bluetooth. Both ladies said they had taken the vaccine.

7. At the same spot, before the two elder sisters had gone far, there came a mother and a daughter. The daughter was seven or eight years old. I refreshed the Bluetooth and three codes appeared, one of which is new. But this time I didn’t ask the mother if she had taken the vaccine. The little girl was so little that she shouldn’t have been vaccinated. At this point, I started to feel a bit scared…

8. Still at the same spot, others had all left, but three big guys came and I refreshed the Bluetooth. There did appear 3 brand new codes that I had not seen. I asked one of those big guys if he had taken the vaccine, and he said he did. I originally wanted to tell him about my discovery, but seeing he didn’t look kind, I did not say anything.

9. I stayed at this spot for a long time, and then I changed to another place. There were five people nearby at the same time. And there were four Bluetooth codes shown on my phone. I just asked one of those guys if he took the vaccine, he said no, and I did not ask the other four guys. It is possible the other four guys were vaccinated and had shown 4 different codes on my bluetooth.

10. Then I went home, a friend happened to come for a visit, and I knew he already took the vaccine, and then a new code appeared on the Bluetooth of my phone.

Real Screenshot of Some of the Codes that Appeared on Ruth Smith's Bluetooth Phone When Vaccinated People Came Close to Her . . .