Urgent Update of Covid Vaccine Agenda

Sister CJ from Mexico has given me an update. It is very important to pay attention to this no matter what country you are from. There is a worldwide agenda and what is happening in Mexico will eventually happen in every other country as well.

Update #1 - Vaccination Records Will Be Required . . .

CJ Writes . . . "Up in Mexico city not too far out of this region where we reside they have implemented a quicker process for Covid vaccinations and its soon to be coming here, as well as the rest if Mexico. At a press conference last Saturday, Eduardo Clark a general director of the Government of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), reported that starting this week, in order to receive the vaccine and streamline its process, it will be essential to carry the Printed vaccination record. They are implementing 16 new stations that carry multiple booths within each station. Their process will be used to increase dosages and allow more people to be processed. This will jump start 17% quicker than before as they stated they want to make it is mandatory for people to be vaccinated."

OTG Comment - Where I live in Canada, it is mandatory to wear a mask in a public place. What I believe will happen is that the Vaccination Record/Passports will be issued and people will be told that they can then take off their masks in public. They will be allowed to take off their masks when they go to a grocery store. However, people who refuse the vaccine will have to wear their masks in public. This will make the majority of the population frown on and look down on those who are wearing a mask. This will put pressure on them to take the vaccine and get a vaccine record/passport, like everyone else. Then eventually, you will not be allowed to go into any store without a vaccine passport/record. Unvaccinated people will have to get vaccinated people (friends/family) to shop for them because they will not be able to go into a store. This sounds a lot like the Mark of the Beast, but it isn't. It is just getting people ready for the Mark of the Beast.

Update #2 - They Are Moving Military Into Place

CJ writes . . . "More and more military riding around the populated areas. I have been attentive to them. They appear to be scoping areas where they will be cracking down when this is finalized to be mandatory soon. Its as if they are doing monitor training of certain populated areas and they are looking at people closely. My insight is leading me to believe they are studying areas where they can handle crowds when order out of chaos erupts. Guarantee you each area had a camp for this. Very creepy. I see Biden administration is sending troops back to the U.S. and I do not think its to bring them home as I find this too coincidental with the covid agenda. I have a theory that the military is going to be used to help the government enforce these things and be a driving force for the NWO. Something bigger is coming for us all every nation. I can feel it. Rights are being taken rapidly. People are changing. Keep grounded in your faith."

OTG Comment - I totally agree with CJ on this one. Does anyone find it strange that American troops are being brought home now in larger numbers? Since when does the US Government care about bringing troops home safely. I believe the USA is gearing up to use the military to start controlling the population because they are planning something bad in the near future. It could be because eventually they will not allow many people access to grocery stores without a vaccine, which would cause all sorts of riots in the USA. They could also be planning on arresting people who don't have a vaccine. They need a lot of military power on US soil in order to pull that off.

Please pray for CJ and other Brethren who are going through very difficult times now. Do not take the Vaccine for any reason. Surrender your life to Jesus, get grounded in God's word and read your Bibles daily before they take them away. Thank you for reading and may God bless you.

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