URGENT: The Vaccinated Are Being Tracked

Updated: 3 days ago

Please Watch Video

This video is extremely important to watch as it shows that vaccinated people are being tracked. People think that once they get the vaccine, their life will get back to normal and they will get to keep their job or their business, but little do they know, their problems are only just beginning. Not only will they get sick and possibly die, but they will be put into a database where they will be tracked. As soon as they show to be just a little bit of a problem, they will then be watched more closely then others who are being tracked.

This video shows proof of how a Russian Hacker was able to hack into the database that the Government has of all the people who are vaccinated in Russia. Please note that although he uses the term "Sputnik Vaccine," he is actually talking about the Covid Vaccine. Now a person would have to receive the Graphene Oxide Device or Chip in the Vaccine in order to be trackable. Not everyone has received that Chip because some people have received a placebo shot. But the more vaccines you receive, the more chances you will receive the Graphene Oxide Chip. Some people think this chip is the Mark of the Beast and I would say that it is definitely NOT the Mark of the Beast because it is removable, as seen in the video. In fact, I would recommend anyone that has been vaccinated to get that chip removed immediately. Not only because it makes you trackable, but it is also very toxic to have in your body.

Some people may think that their Government would never track people, but I had an encounter with someone who is/was being tracked before the Vaccine came out. About 5 years ago I was working for a company where I sold a popular internet security product over the phone to Americans. I was talking to a lovely man and he told me that he was an ex-sniper in the US Military. He said that he is being closely watched by the Government. He said that the mouse on his keyboard always moves because they take over his computer and track what he is searching for and doing on his computer. He said his phone is always being monitored. I asked him, "Do you think they are listening to our conversation now?" He said that they are definitely listening to it. I asked him why would they bother to track him, and he said the Government is scared of ex-military, and especially ex-snipers. I have heard this happens a lot with ex-military. So, the Government will definitely not think twice of tracking people.

Like I mentioned, this technology is not the Mark of the Beast, however, it is just one more stepping stone to the Mark of the Beast, which is why you really want to stay away from the Covid Vaccine. Trust in God only and surrender your life to Jesus.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you!

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