Urgent News: Sister On The Run

I received an urgent email from Sister CJ in Mexico. She has allowed me to share her email with you . . .

By: OTG Ministry

CJ Writes:

As of today, August 2nd, all those who cannot present a vaccination record or hasn't got the covid vaccination can enter anywhere. I was able to get some food this evening and knew in my spirit that the days were deepening, but it surely happened quick. If anything happens and they haul us off, I thank God and ty for being a blessing to me and my little girls. I think we may have to fall off the grid and set up camp in a trailer out of the district. It may buy us a little time for now, unless cartels spot us along with the military. Regardless, still not taking the vaccination even if it takes us to our death, so be it. We love you sister Kimberly. Get this out and warn our fellow brethren asap. We live in Sinaloa state.

My Reply to CJ:

I am so sorry to hear that. What is happening to you will eventually happen to the rest of the world. Yes, you will have to go Off Grid and become nomadic and God will be faithful and provide for you and your family. Get a good tent or a trailer and always prepare to leave in a moment's notice. I will make a post about this today. Keep me updated if you can and if you can't then don't worry about it, just take care of your family. I will definitely pray for you and I will ask many people to pray for you as well. Thank you for all the info you have sent me and may God bless you and keep you safe.

OTG Ministry Comment:

Unfortunately, Mexico seems to be ahead of most countries in the "Covid Agenda." However, make no mistake in that all other countries will eventually follow suit. It is very important that all people who refuse to take the Vaccine have a backup plan. That backup plan may just be to head to the mountains or to a forested region. It is important to have emergency supplies ready, which includes a good tent. Many Christians will end up losing their jobs and will possibly need a tent to live in the near future.

Please pray for Sister CJ and her family. She seems to be a devout Christian that will not compromise and take the Vaccine. Please pray that God will be faithful to her and take care of her and her family.

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