Urgent News From Mexico

Updated: Jul 17

I received an urgent email from a Sister in Christ who gave me an update on what is happening in Mexico, with Covid Vaccines and other problems . . . Email to OTG Ministry From "CJ"

CJ Writes . . .

We just got a call from some contacts that said they took the Covid Vaccine. It was at a camp site in Tijuana, MX. Our contact Alex and his family including a breast feeding mother, whom is his significant other, told us some disturbing news. They said that at this site the nurses and doctors that were administering the shots told them that "you will get sick and vomit and may even pass out. We will have a booth for you when this happens." I was asking why didn't the red flags go off in their heads at this point??!! Then, before it was their turn to take the vaccines, they saw lots of people at this site vomit all over the place. People passing out. And telling them they were feeling sweaty and ill. It gets worse from this point...You guessed right.. WHAT DO THEY DO STILL? THEY TOOK THE VACCINE!! Again, I asked why did they not leave after witnessing such madness?? Sister, this is too much to take in. Majority of people are blind and not making the right decisions for their betterment. How is this possible? Deception is that bad that people are still fooled into taking this! I am just in shock. I am going to pray to the Father that He can reach many more people to see the evil in this and turn away. Their entire family is so very ill. Maddening. My concern is the breast feeding mom and her little newborn who is not even 2 months old. Just so worried about people. Alex said he had to take the vaccine in order to file some paper work and then went on to explain that he wants to travel. This is very disturbing. Very disturbing. Was not expecting to hear this at all with the people falling apart at the site. Sure we will not hear this on the local news.

People need to know what is going on down here (Mexico) and other parts of the world. Shocking how they did not run out of there, especially when the staff told them what would happen after taking the vaccine. The staff know what they are doing to people. Alarming that the red flags were not going off. Also Alex mentioned he witnessed people in these booths laid out and passed out after this poison. Not only do we have to watch out for the crooked corruption and organized crime here, but now this. God has been good to us protecting us here. Many politicians that want a better country have been murdered left and right due to this. I do not vote and am not into politics, but at a voting site, a decapitated head was found in an ice chest to intimidate people from voting. down south, a tornado hit, which is not normal here in Mexico. Tortilla and produce prices are increasing, sink holes, droughts, and dying cattle on ranches. More military dispatched that is suspicious to me, which I feel they are going to the training headquarters to get ready for NWO, plus its martial law here. Sadly, there is corruption in the military too and they watch us even more. You never know who is who. Signs of the times indeed.

Pray for Mexico sister. I will pray for Canada and every other nation. I heard you all are still locked down out there. A lovely Canadian couple moved here and told us they love their country, but they left a month or so ago. I wanted to see if we could be eligible to move there before the plandemic took hold. Once these lock downs happened and requirements, we sadly had to stay here. They told us to forget about going there even though they love Canada. I just feel like everything I have shared with you is what God wants me to hear. Very soon no where will be "free." Things are moving fast here too. Sister, the Holy Spirit has been telling us to get our houses in order. Please continue to do so sister. Signs of the times indeed. Please do share people need to here real truth and not this candy coated mainstream madness.

The End

Please pray for Mexico and especially pray for CJ and our other brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in Mexico. May God protect them and have Grace and Mercy on them.