Until My Anger Is Quenched

Updated: Jun 15

I want a third and I shall receive a third until my anger is quenched America - by sword, plagues, famine, the beast, the weather, and pestilence - "Paid in Full" says the Lord . . .


America has been a golden cup in Yah’s hand when she was small. Just a pebble in God’s hand. He prospered you (America) and made you a great nation. Now you are a reproach, a thorn in God’s sight, an irritation to His eye, a filthy stench, a harlot, a whore among the nations. Her abominations are many and too great to ignore. The rotten smell is like a carcass laying in the hot sun, only fit for the vultures to consume. Your sin’s increase.

God Speaking: It grieves Me that I must speak such harsh truths, but as a Father I must punish and repay as any good upright father would do to yield repentance and to reap righteousness in a very lost generation. The lamentations from my servant’s heart can I feel from my throne like Jeremiah The Prophet as he mourns the lost greatness and fall of Judah and Jerusalem in The Book of Lamentations. It is not an easy thing to lose what you have known as good and plentiful like America in her prosperity. Famine shall grip you. The great and small will scratch the earth for food and water, and parent’s will plot to eat their children. Children shall do likewise to their parents. A small piece of bread and a small glass of wine shall be a luxury. The rich and the thief will sell all they have just to eat and drink. The very bread and wine that once was considered table waste will be a meal fit for a king here in America. No one will have pity on you America, but you will be mocked, robbed and burned to the ground. Your women and men will be left for the birds of the air. My house called by my name shall also see the famine, the sword and the pestilence, because through all this madness many of my people will resort to the ways of the world, during the time of my wrath. This will happen because no word of light do they shed, only a flattering tongue to the wicked in their evil. They strengthen the cause of the sinner with words of peace.

No matter where you are, the judgments will follow those who are not my true servants. If you flee America, I will find you in whatever nation and the sword and pestilence will follow you just like the children of Israel during Jeremiahs time. Sickness, illnesses, old diseases and new ones with no cure will rise up and your children will fall. You will grieve as your whole household drops dead from a simple to cure ailment. The sword will fall from within violence, murders, rape, terrorist attacks, and civil war from the nations which I the Father have stirred up against you America. The weather shall eat you up. The earths elements shall consume you all in your wickedness. The sun shall burn your eyes out, burn your watering holes and dry up your land. Unyielding death from drought are forming now in the land. There will be mourning and no joy. The beast shall come from the mountains and the outer places and I shall raise them up to come into your towns and cities and they will attack you, your children and your pets. Bugs, mold, spiders, rats and snakes shall invade your homes, as well as supernatural demonic attacks.

I The Lord will make you a terrible sight before all the nations to see. I have seen the innocent blood shed and they cry at my alter in Heaven. The millions of babies you have slaughtered in the name of Baal. They cry asking” Lord, Lord when shall we be avenged for the crime that took our lives our testimony before the living God”. The crime of abortion, it shakes Heaven, God’s wrath His anger . . . MURDERERS, MURDERERS, MURDEROUS HEATHENS!

So, thus saith the Lord, the True Living God over Heaven and Earth . . . A third by sword, a third by pestilence, a third by famine, a third by beast, a third by plagues. I The Lord will decide who will fall by what according to their sins. No I will not pity you. I will not hear your cries. I want a third of all and a third I shall receive, until my anger is quenched and your abominations are out of my face, America. Through the lightning, through the windstorm, through the hailstorm, through the dust storm, through the fire and the water, I AM in them and I shall do my bidding through the elements. YOU WILL KNOW THAT I AM ADONAI – THE MASTER, ELOHIM, THE GREAT I AM, EL ELYON – THE CREATOR OVER HEAVEN AND EARTH