Unbelievable Prophetic Dream In 2009 About The Vaccine

OTG Ministry Comment: I don't post a lot of dreams, but I do if I think they are Prophetic. This dream is so accurate considering that this lady dreamt it in 2009. (12 years ago) Hardly anyone back then ever thought that the world would be possibly required to take a vaccine. There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not the vaccine will be forced, but this dream shows what probably will happen. To see proof that this dream/video was posted in 2009, Click Here


Dream . . . By JesusISComingRUReady

I remember everyone was required to get these vaccines and they were all told to stay in their homes. The people administering the shots were not telling us that we had a choice, but they were telling us it was almost like we were required to get these vaccines.

If you did not get the vaccines you were considered rebellious to the government, like a renegade, like you’re setting yourself in direct opposition to the government. One thing I knew for sure was that myself and my family were not going going to get it. And we were like having to run from our homes because it was like the people who were administering these shots, these vaccines were like, I think they were going home to home or something and somehow they knew also how many people lived in each home and how many doses of the vaccine were "needed." (Click Here to see how they know how many people live in each home they visit)

Also to mention real quick from what I remember these people who were giving out these vaccines they seemed almost like military, like wasn’t like nurses or wasn’t like clinic, you know. It was forcible anyways and somehow I was made aware that these vaccines would kill you, they were lethal. So I just wanted to share that and that was early this morning while I was sleeping.

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