Truth About Why Not Everyone Gets Sick From Covid Vaccine

Updated: 3 days ago

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Have you ever wondered why some people do not get sick after receiving the Covid Vaccine, and yet some people have severe reactions that even result in death. I have seen multiple videos where people have come forward and have stated that the Vaccine is basically in the clinical trial stage.

The Vaccine doses are given out in these 4 Basic Categories . . .

1. Placebo (harmless with no reaction)

2. Small Dose (flu like symptoms that goes away)

3. Medium Dose (serious reaction with bells palsy, tremors, heart problems, etc)

4. Heavy Dose (resulting in immediate death or death within a few days/weeks)

Roughly 30% of the Vaccines are Placebos. The people who have received these placebos are the ones really pushing the vaccine because they felt no adverse effects. It is also very possible that popular Political figures that where shown on camera to receive the vaccine, were probably given a placebo. This is because each vaccine has a certain code/number given to it, so they know who is given the different kinds of vaccines. If they gave a heavy dose to everyone, and all those people died within a short period of time, then the rest of the population would realize how deadly the vaccine is, and they would not take it. Yet they don't want to give everyone a small dose or a placebo because people like Bill Gates wants to kill people and reduce the population. Also, if they killed everyone, then there would be no one left to take the Mark of the Beast and worship the Beast.

So, when you take these vaccines, you are basically playing Russian Roulette. There is a gun pointed at your head with one bullet in the chamber that could kill you or not. If I had a gun and asked you to play Russian Roulette, most people would say, "Heck No," and rightfully so. Yet people will still line up and get the vaccine. It makes absolutely no sense.

Wake up people, the Government is playing with your life, like it was a game. They do not care if you die or suffer. Only Jesus cares about you. Trust in God and not some silly vaccine or some agenda driven Medical Doctor. Fully surrender your life to Jesus before it is too late for you.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you.

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