Truth About The Catholic Church

Updated: Jun 7

The narrow road to the narrow gate of Heaven is very narrow indeed and only a few will find it. Very few Catholics are on the Narrow Road to Heaven . . . By: OTG Ministry

There are multiple reasons for this, which is idolatry, necromancy and not being Born Again. I had a conversation on my Youtube Channel with a Catholic Lady, where she claimed that Catholics founded the true Church, so this was my reply to her . . .


"Actually the Apostles founded the true Church in the Book of Acts. (you need to read your Bible) The Apostle Paul laid a foundation of how Christians are to conduct themselves. Mary was hardly even mentioned by Paul, if not ever mentioned by Paul. She was a vessel used by God and that is it. Now she is dead and she will be highly rewarded in Heaven for all eternity. It was Constantine (Roman) that founded the Catholic Church and he was proven (by experts) to be a paganist his whole life. He said he was Christian as a way of conquering and changing Christianity. The problem for the Romans was that Christianity could never be conquered, so Constantine and others (spearheaded by satan) created a cultish type of Christianity that would surely be different from the true Christians in the Book of Acts. The new religion would involve idolatry (statues, rosary beads) and necromancy. (worshiping of dead people, like Mary, Saints, etc) It would also involve Sabbath on Sundays, since pagans (Constantine) worshiped their sun (g)od on "Sun" days. This became known as the Roman Catholic Church. People like you over the centuries fell for it and are blind to it this day. It is such a wicked cult/church that many children have been raped by priests and many nuns beat children and killed their own babies that they had with the priests. Just recently they found over 200 children buried in an old Residential School in Canada where Priests and Nuns would kill children and bury them. You (Catholics) also follow and idolize one of the most wicked men in the world. (The Pope) He is well known to sacrifice children in the basement of the Vatican. Those children are usually brought in from poorer countries through child trafficking. Trust me when I say that there will be a very special place for the pope in hell, if it is the will of God. If I were you I would start researching everything I just said because you are very lost right now. The most powerful thing you can do is get real and humble with God and ask Him to reveal the truth to you. God wants us to know the truth . . . be harmless as doves and wise as serpents."


This is not easy for Catholics to hear, but it is the truth and there is not much time left for Catholics to come to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

Claiming that the Pope sacrifices children under the Vatican is a very serious allegation, but it is an allegation I have read about several times over the years. Please click on this article for more info . . .

The horrendous abuse that the Native children in Canada suffered at the hands of Catholics is now coming to light. Here is just one of many stories of what happened . . .

If I attended a Church that was consistently part of such evil doings, I would have nothing to do with it, and yet most Catholics just cannot seem to walk away from such evil. The true Church (the Body of Christ) has nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you!

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