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Important Comment: This video/audio is so controversial that many people do not believe it is a real interview. First of all, the name of Rabbi Finkelstein is a made up name that he did on purpose to hide his identity, and for good reason. There are a few things that make me think this is a real interview . . . You can tell there is real animosity between the Pastor and Rabbi. If they are acting, then it is a pretty good act. Second of all, the Rabbi in the video was killed afterwards for revealing too much information. Thirdly, the Rabbi had said so much truth that is very provable. For example, he mentioned that all the children they kill are ground up and put into McDonalds hamburgers and yet there has been much proof that McDonalds hamburgers have human DNA in them. The fourth thing is that all the things he said is documented all over the internet. By the time I had found this video, I already knew about most of everything he said. The Rabbi told the truth because he never thought anyone would believe him and he certainly didn't think he would get killed for saying it. I think there is a very good chance that mostly everything spoken in this video is true.


When I was a new Born Again Christian about 8 years ago, I had this really naïve idea about Jews. In my upbringing, there was never a negative word spoken about Jews in my home or in the public school that I attended, so I have never been prejudiced towards Jews. I had this idea somehow that every single Jew loved God and obeyed the Mosaic Laws and that they were persecuted for no reason. Then about 6 years ago I had an open vision where Jesus showed me a closet, and deep in that closet He took out this beautiful trinket box full of Jewels and I knew in the vision that this box represented Israel. As the box opened, I could see/feel all the emotions that God had for Israel come out of the box . . . love, frustration, anger, adoration, disappointment, affection, protection, etc. God had carefully put Israel in a safe and loving place, but now God is bringing Israel out into the forefront and is dealing with Israel in these End Times. Then God wanted me to learn the real truth about the Jews and the history of the Jews in the world. You see, God loves it when we seek the truth and I have always asked God to tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear the truth.

The first thing God showed me is that is takes two people or two sides to have a conflict. Jews have been kicked out of many countries in Europe and there are very good reasons for it. I would say that most of the average Jewish family has been innocent, but it is the actions of many Rabbi's and the Jewish Elite who have brought upon a lot of animosity towards the Jewish people. For example . . . Europe had originally wanted Jews in their countries because the Jews would lend money and this was a good thing. However, one of the main problems was that the local Gentile children were going missing and then found dead with strange cut marks on their bodies with all their blood drained out. This had happened quite a bit and they soon realized that Rabbis were killing children and draining and drinking their blood. Also, many Jews were taking away homes of the Gentiles who could not pay their mortgage payment, and this left people homeless. This created a bitterness towards Jews and they would get kicked out of that country. This happened over and over again and it still happens today.

There are roughly 600,000 children that go missing every year in the USA. As the video mentions above that many of those children are kidnapped and killed by Rabbi's and the Elite, who then drink their blood. However, now they realized they can make money off of the bodies and so they sell the bodies to McDonalds and then they mix the bodies with beef. I remember years ago God told me not to eat McDonalds meat because it had human meat in it. Sure enough, they have done tests on their meat and have found human DNA in it. That is why it tastes quite different then beef does. Jews are still kicking people out of their homes when they have trouble paying their mortgage, and so nothing has changed in the past 100's of years. Jews have also taken over the Government, have ruined countless lives with Hollywood and the TV/Music Industry. They have also infiltrated the Churches and established the Catholic Church, which is one of the most wicked Church systems in the world. I was actually more shocked to find out that most Jews in Israel have no faith in God, and Tel Aviv is the Sodomy capital of the world. Apparently they don't know about the story of Sodom.

Then Jews seem to have absolutely no clue why they have been so persecuted. If just one person has a problem with you, you can just brush that off as it being their problem, but when at least 100 Countries have kicked out the Jews, then it is time to think about the fact that it is because Jews have done terrible things to the Gentiles as well. It is important to mention that I am 100% against persecution of a race of people no matter what kind of wicked things they have done, however, that is not how most of the world thinks and this is why Jews have been so persecuted. It is important that Jews take responsibility for the terrible things they have also done in this world. What I mean by that is to take responsibility and to repent to the Lord God Almighty, to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is something everyone must do, including myself.

The Rabbi in the video said that the Goyim (Gentiles) are scared of Jews and I cannot speak for others, but I would say that I am not scared of Jews at all. In fact, I feel really bad for them and for the lost. God has placed a veil over their eyes because of them rejecting their Messiah . . . Yeshua/Jesus. However, now is the time that the Gospel is starting to be preached to the Jews and God is lifting the veil from their eyes. After I did all my research and I found out all the things mentioned above, I was starting to feel angry towards Jews because of the horrible things some of them do and continue to do to the Gentiles. I then got into prayer and I asked God . . ."Lord, surely you don't want me to be bitter against Jews and hate them?" Then God answered and said . . . "I want you to love them and pray for them." So that is what I have done now for the past few years. I love the Jewish people and I pray that God will send many workers out into Israel to spread the Gospel, because that is their only hope. I don't believe for one second that just because you are a Jew that you are going to Heaven. The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ/Yeshua. I believe that Messianic Jews or Completed Jews are my true Brethren. There is no Jew or Gentile in the Body of Christ . . . We are all one in the same.

Please pray for Israel, that God will protect Israel and that God would lift the veil from the Jews eyes so that they can see who their true Messiah is . . . Jesus/Yeshua. If you are a Jew, then stop listening to and trusting your Rabbi. They will only take you to hell with them in the end. Jewish Rabbi's are some of the most lost people I have ever seen. If you want to know the truth, just ask God what the truth is. God loves it when you come to Him in humility and ask Him what the truth is. Just ask Him if Jesus/Yeshua is the true Messiah that is promised in Isaiah 53. You will be amazed what God will do in your life. If you have any kind of prejudice against the Jews or any race of people, just get into prayer and ask God to turn your hatred into love for them instead. God will answer that prayer because He wants that more for you then you do.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you!

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