The Great Separation Is Here

Updated: Nov 21

Please Watch Video

WARNING: The man in the video is a part of the Catholic Church. I don't think people should walk away from the Catholic Church . . . I think they should run as fast as they can. However, I agree with most everything he says and I like how to the point he is, and he does not tippy toe around anything. He just says it like it is.

There are a few things that I disagree with. He believes that pretty much everyone who takes the vaccine will be dead in two years. If this happened then there would not be anyone around to worship the Beast. I believe God will allow some people to live to worship the Beast. I believe that some people will repent to God for what they have done and they will still die, and yet some people will repent and will be fully healed by God, because with God, all things are possible. Unfortunately, most people who have taken the first 2 Covid Vaccines will not repent and will probably either die or go on to take the Mark of the Beast and be condemned forever.

The other thing that I don't agree with is that he said that because the vaxxed will be so sick or dead, that they won't be able to round people up and take them to FEMA or Concentration Camps. Make no mistake, this will happen and these camps will play a major role in the 5th Seal of Revelation. (Martyr Seal)

I do agree with him in that this vaccine is causing a great separation between the people of the entire earth. This is a very informative video and I recommend you watch it. Thank you for watching and may God bless you!

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