The Beginning of the End of America

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Disclaimer: Please note that I do not trust Alex Jones, there is something off about him. Some people say he is controlled opposition. However, he does speak some truth at times and that is why I post some of his videos.

Oh America, you are in for a hard road ahead. There has been a ton of Prophetic Words that has gone out against America for the past few years about war, destruction, persecution, civil unrest and famine. It seems that those things are fast approaching. God is very angry with America because it is has turned into much worse then Sodom. God allowed America to be put on a very high pedestal and because of that America will fall very hard . . . much harder then other countries.

It is very important that Christians have a plan B, C, and D about what they are going to do about NOT taking the Vaccine and possibly/probably losing their jobs. God is sorting the Wheat from the Tares and it seems that they Vaccine is the dividing line. The best way to know what your Plan B is, is to just pray and ask God. Remember that you are being tested to see if you will relent and take the vaccine (Beast System) and how you will treat people along the way. Not only are you expected to do the right thing in the eyes of God, but also do the right thing to people you come into contact with.

Some of you will be called to buy a tent and live in that. Some of you will die and be called home early. Some of you will be arrested or even voluntarily go to FEMA Camps, looking for food. Some of you will be killed for your faith. (Martyr) Some of you will be directed to go to Safe Havens that have been set up for Christians. There are many Christians who already know what their calling will be in these End Times. In the meantime you are to get grounded in God's word, pray regularly to God, keep with repentance, preach the Gospel and give hope to the lost, love your enemies and do good to them. Whatever you do, do NOT take the vaccine, and do repent to God if you have already taken it.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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