Should Christians Sue People - John MacArthur Exposed

This is a video (below) that exposes the reasons why John MacArthur is suing the Government.  I also talk about why it is wrong to sue anyone for any reason, according to scripture. Following John MacArthur means you are saying:

1. It is ok for a Christian to take hush money or a bribe with the Government (501c3) and turn a blind eye to millions of babies being slaughtered inside and outside the womb

2. It is ok to take the Mark of the Beast if you are hungry and need to buy food because this is exactly what John MacArthur said

3. It is ok to merchandise the Body of Christ and the lost

4. It is ok for a Christian to be a millionaire and take advantage of people even though the Bible says that Rich People will probably not make it into Heaven

5. It is ok for a Christian to sue or go against the Government even though the Bible says that it means that person is going against the ordinance of God

6. It is ok for John MacArthur to idolize a man (John Calvin) who is responsible for having a Brother in Christ burned alive. This means John MacArthur has no problem with people being burned alive or killed

 . . . because that is what John MacArthur does.  It is very possible that you might have to account to God for following/idolizing John MacArthur instead of holding John accountable for his actions.

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