Seals of Revelation Bible Study

Updated: Aug 19

Please Watch Video

Finding someone on Youtube who is possibly a true Child of God, is like finding a needle in a haystack. The man in this video shows the true fruits of the Spirit. (you will know them by their fruit) He doesn't want your money and he is not selling you anything. He is not a 501c3 and he doesn't aspire to be popular. He also has a kind and soothing voice. He does not holler and carry on like many people do. He is just a humble man of God who has a genuine love for God and God's word. All he wants to do is teach you the Bible and get you ready for what is to come. He mentions in the video when he thinks the rapture will happen and I totally agree with him. I think he is just lovely and I highly recommend you watch His other videos as well. I have not watched all of his videos, so it is important that you approach every ministry with caution and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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