Rescued From Covid Vaccine

Updated: Jun 15

I have been teaching the Bible to a young woman. She’s a brand new believer who desires to be intimate with the Lord and know His word . . .

By Every Knee Shall Bow

I have been teaching the Bible to a young woman. She’s a brand new believer who desires to be intimate with the Lord and know His word. When we met through a family member who told me about a young woman in his church that was reading her Bible, but told him she didn’t understand it, I felt led to contact her and teach her. After meeting this young lady, I knew she was the person God had shown me in the dream months before and that I was to teach her as God had directed me in it.

On that first meeting I remember she began crying and told me she had asked the Lord for someone to teach her His word. Brethren, this is to show God’s got all His children’s needs under His control! Hallelujah! Her love and surrendered life to the Lord is something you can almost touch! Such a blessing to witness.

Last week I had a dentist appointment at 12:30 PM. I had gotten confirmation from the dentist office the day before. So I went to the doctor’s office only to be told my appointment had been cancelled. They said they tried to contact me for a week. However, I had no missed calls. I mentioned the confirmation I had gotten the day before from them, and they said it had probably been a mistake of their appointment automated system. So, I had to reschedule and leave, which of course didn’t sit well with me at the moment. Nonetheless, I brushed it off and went back home. As I did, I shared with the Lord how I felt I had wasted my morning. How I thought I could have been doing some more important things.

When I got home, I saw I had a text message from this young lady. She texted me saying she was taking her daily Bible class at the hospital because she was scheduled to take the Covid Vaccine that day. At this point we’d only had four or five Bible lessons and I hadn’t addressed this topic with her. I noticed the time on her message was the exact time I was supposed to be on the dentist chair. I understood I couldn’t be at the dentist in order to respond to this message. The Holy Spirit led me to pray and pressed on me to talk to her immediately about this. I texted her to please call me. She said she was filling out some papers and that she’d call me back. I knew I needed to call her. I prayed before calling and I got the conviction I needed to move quickly. I called her and explained the Lord had told me that the vaccine was something we should run away from. I briefly recounted my dreams to her and told her I would take the time that afternoon to go over the word of God to explain this to her. She said she’d already filled the papers and gotten her turn to get the vaccine.

I asked her to please separate from the group if she was in a line and go pray and ask the Lord about what she needed to do, to please ask the Lord to convict her of what I was telling her. We hung up and I kept praying for her. She was puzzled, but I knew the Holy Spirit was working on her throughout our conversation. I knew she was also probably clueless about what I was saying, however, I know she has an obedient and humble heart. After several minutes she texted me that she was scared her family would be mad at her and that she was applying to a job at a hospital and was told she needed the vaccine to get job, but then she wrote, “but I have prayed and I feel God’s telling me not to get the vaccine."

I kept praying and she called back crying. She said, “I won’t take it, but I’m here. They’re waiting for me, but I can’t even enter the room again. Everyone is watching me and I’m crying. I’m doing this because my Pastor said I should take it. But I thank God He’s not letting me do it.” She continued, “I’ve called my family to tell them and to please come and pick me up.” Then she asked me, “What do I do now? Do I get out of the waiting room?” I said yes, just don’t stop praying. Tell them you’ll leave and then leave. She responded: “OK I’ll do that.”

I could feel an outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God. I felt how the Lord was protecting this soul that doesn’t yet know the Bible, but wants to live for Him. I witnessed how His blood covered her because her heart wants to honor Him. She’s got a surrendered soul and He will exalt her.

Then that night we studied the Bible and the verses with references to the vaccine, the mark, and the Antichrist system. After we did she asked me: “But then, why did my pastor take it and is telling me to take it?”

Brothers and sisters, to a new believer who loves her Pastor, that’s not an easy question to answer on our own understanding and we shouldn’t. However, the Bible answers it clearly when it reads in Matthew 24 that in the last days many false prophets shall arise and deceive many.

Then she continued, “And, what do you do when you get sick? I told her that I go to the Lord for everything. A headache . . . go to the Lord. Before popping an aspirin . . . go to the Lord. Muscle ache . . . go to the Lord. He will honor His words and guide our steps to please Him when that is our hearts desire. We should always trust is Him and not in man. Amen.