Heaven Awaits Your Arrival

Updated: Jun 15

It is time to prepare for the Great Harvest of Souls. Events will continue to happen quickly, almost without stopping . . .

By: Lynne Johnson

It is time to prepare for the Great Harvest of Souls. Events will continue to happen quickly, almost without stopping. Much trouble and unrest; a time of sorrows across the earth. You must be ready, for your time to act is very soon upon you. Continue to immerse yourself in MY Word while you can. Learn as much as you are able. The Holy Spirit will bring to mind MY Word as needed when you are upon your mission. Your job right now is simply to read and absorb all that you are able to. The Holy Spirit will do the rest as needed. I remind you that once the Great Harvest has begun that the time is short. Once those who have been called have received MY Word and come into the Kingdom of Glory, then you will be called Home. This will be a time of rejoicing like no other. All of Heaven is anticipating your arrival with great excitement. Everything is ready for you. It will be the best home coming ever seen! You truly have no idea of what is awaiting each of you. Joy like you have never experienced before. Yes, you are closer than you realize to your arrival home, never to leave ME again! So be prepared My Beloved Children to finish your work here on earth. The most important work, the bringing of souls into the Kingdom of Glory.

Remember I AM is in control and you will be safe as you complete your tasks. No harm will befall you as you follow your instructions. You will be in constant contact with ME and I will guide your steps. You will not be fearful. I AM does not give a spirit of fear to His People. You will succeed beyond your expectations. Yes, this will be a time like no other, and will never be again. A time of many miracles and mighty exploits which you, MY Children, will perform. The enemy will not be able to stop MY Warriors of Faith. I AM will not permit it! So get ready, for the time is upon you. It will happen suddenly, but you will know it when it happens. Again, wait to hear MY voice and instructions. Do nothing on your own and you will succeed in all you do!

Your King Yeshua, Your Redeemer, Messiah Heaven is waiting for you!