Prophetic Dream: Sixth Seal Rapture, Sinkholes, Demons, Darkness

This is a dream that I wrote down a few years back, and this was before I ever read the Book of Revelation. It seems to be describing a 6th Seal Rapture . . . By: Emporrol

The dream began with me sitting in my house. It was some time in the afternoon, but not too late, probably 4 or 5pm. The sun was still up and it was still quite bright outside. I was staring out the window of our living room for some reason. My parents had entered into the house and were bringing in some groceries. The front door to our house has two doors. The first door is glass and can be looked through and the door behind it is wood. The wooden door was open, but the glass door was closed. For some reason I went down the stairs towards the glass door. I looked through the door and saw weird things happening in the sky.

First I saw the atmosphere move. The sky looked like it was moving really fast, as if the earth's rotation was sped up. Then I saw millions of tiny meteorites fall from the sky. They looked so numerous that it looked like the sky was raining shooting stars. Then the sun went dark and the moon appeared. The moon then turned dark blood red in color. The entire sky soon followed suite and began to turn a deep darkish color. A thick cloud of black smoke covered everything in sight. Then I saw what appeared to be large sinkholes pop out of the ground. There were everywhere. Smoke appeared to be coming out of these sinkhole craters.

Then I saw small demonic looking insects fly out of the sinkholes in masses. There were far too many to count swarming through the sky. They started to attack and bite people. They went for the throat for some reason. They eventually got to my house and I had ran up the stairs to our second floor when the creatures started to bite and attack my parents. For some reason they were not able to bite me and went for my parents instead. The bite they gave caused my parents to go insane with pain, and they looked possessed. They started running towards me with rage, like mindless maniacs. They tried to kill me and I felt like I was about to die. I stood at the top of the stairs and I was prepared to die.

Right before my parents killed me, I felt my body suddenly being lifted into the atmosphere. I was suddenly lifted into the sky and felt a great peace come over me. I remember floating through the air and floating past a large mountain. After the mountain was a green pasture or field with children of all different ages and races playing in a playground or park. They were enjoying themselves as I floated past them.

I then found myself deposited into a seat in a large auditorium type room. The room with filled with people, but they were all children. They were all wearing white robes of all different types, styles and fittings. I saw a man at the front of the auditorium, on the stage. He too wore a white robe, but I couldn't see his face or the front of his body. He had His arms raised up, like He was presenting us to someone. I felt like I was transformed into a child as well, fitting into the large group of children sitting there. I think the man on the stage was Jesus. Then a young girl who sitting several rows ahead of me turned her head around. She had long red or reddish brown hair. When she turned around, she stared right at me, eyes locked, and smiled at me with pure joy in her eyes. She then turned back around and I woke up.

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