Prepare Yourself For The Mark Of The Beast

Updated: Jun 15

I am coming when MY HEAVENLY FATHER tells ME to go…..not one minute sooner and not one minute later! WOE to those who preach the exact date, because it is not from ME or of ME . . .

By: Elizabeth Marie

Many will go through great tribulations before I come. So I say occupy and wait patiently, like a farmer who waits for his crop to grow and be harvested.

The Mark of the Beast will bring about many changes, and overnight the world will be a different place. Many will receive it and become compromised humans, not being able to discern truth, justice or righteousness. Instead, they will become slaves to their new father, the devil. This will be the great FALLING AWAY that is spoken about in MY WORD. (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

Take the ‘MARK” and die a horrible second death in the lake of fire. It is the ultimate betrayal to ME, who came to redeem and save the lost.

Once the choice has been made, there is NO TURNING BACK…..

Let ME repeat……..there is NO TURNING BACK! (Revelation 14:9-10)

So resolve in your your mind what you will do. Will you stand up for ME or choose to worship another.

BEWARE that the enemy will set up the stage to make it seem like you have no choice. It will come during much hardship, when your very being and flesh will long for relief. It will be in this weak place that the enemy will LURE many into his kingdom.

STAY STRONG, MY BELOVEDS, and turn to ME during your moment of weakness and decision! I will provide the strength that you will need at this time!

LEAN NOT on your own understanding…..

LEAN NOT on your own strength, for it will fail!

Come now, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

The clock ticks towards MIDNIGHT and the BRIDEGROOM comes….


(I then asked the LORD, how are we to be READY for your coming? I heard this):

1) Humble yourselves daily before ME

2) Get rid of your prideful ways

3) Confess your sin daily

4) Believe and have faith in all things good

5) Reject evil and its ways

6) Spend quality time in prayer

7) Study MY WORD

8) Serve and help those around you

9) Remain faithful to MY WORD

10) Hear MY voice

11) Walk in the SPIRIT and NOT the flesh

12) Love ME with all your heart, mind and soul

13) Love others as yourself

14) Watch your tongue

15) Proclaim ME from the rooftops

16) Sacrifice on MY behalf

17) Do not be wise in your own eyes