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Updated: 3 days ago

Please Watch Video

I really recommend you watch this video. He is a Friar with the Catholic Order and normally I would never recommend anyone listen to a person of the Catholic Faith, but what he is saying is the truth in that you need to prepare yourself for the fallout of the Covid Vaccine in the next few years.

I edited out the fact that he said to pray your rosary daily. You can pray your rosary 100 times every day and that will only anger God even further, and you will suffer even greater. You are to never pray to an idol or a dead person. (Mary) You can also meditate all day long to try and prepare yourself mentally of what is coming, and it will never work. You can only find peace through the Holy Spirit, by the Grace of God and through your faith in Jesus Christ. This Friar seems to have faith in Jesus, but without the Holy Spirit and being Born Again, he will suffer badly as well.

He is right in saying that there are many people that will kill themselves when they start seeing friends and family die from the Vaccine. They will also see friends and family turn against them for not taking the Vaccine. People will start to realize that their Government scammed them, poisoned them and killed their loved ones. This is why you must never ever trust the Government, Modern Medicine, Family Members, Your Boss/Co-workers, Neighbors and even many "Christians." People will realize this in the next few years and it will be devastating to them when it sinks in. I learned as a child that I could only trust in God and it seemed sad at the time, but I realize now that it is a great benefit for me now in these End Times. God has never once disappointed me or betrayed me, and I can count on Him for anything and everything.

You must prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and most of all . . . spiritually for what is coming. Otherwise, the ground that you walk on will shake you to your core and you won't be able to stand. The only true rock to stand on is Jesus Christ. Either you fully surrender your life to Him and stand firm, or reject Him and fall and never get back up. The choice is yours.

Thank you for watching and may God bless you and keep you safe!

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