Powerful Video: Hell, New Jerusalem, Satan, Suicide, etc

Please watch this video of a man who has a miraculous testimony . . .

OTG Comment: There is something about his testimony that I found very interesting that I wanted to comment on. He mentions that while he was high as a kite on heroine, cocaine and pcp, satan took advantage of him and approached him and told him to kill himself by cutting his neck and cutting his stomach, or basically disemboweling himself. Satan said that if he kills himself, he won't go to hell. Because this man had not heard the Gospel and didn't know about Jesus, he believed satan.

What I find interesting about this is about a month ago I watched a video on youtube of a man who talked about cleaning up death scenes or crime scenes for a living. In the interview he was asked what was the most disturbing thing he had ever cleaned up. He said that when he cleans up a room where a person has killed themselves by cutting their abdomen and disemboweling themselves. I found this to be a strange way for a person to commit suicide. After watching the testimony of the man above, I realize that a person who does such a horrendous form of suicide is either high as a kite and satan takes advantage of them (like the person above) or the person is highly tormented (possessed) and satan takes advantage of them. This is why people need to know about how deceptive and brutal satan is and that they have hope in Jesus Christ. His testimony reminds me that us Christians need to share the Gospel even more then we do because suicide is on the rise and satan takes advantage of people in a weak state of mind. They need to know about the love of Jesus before it is too late for them.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKgr836FN3w