Powerful Testimony: Dying Man Finds Jesus

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I have seen a lot of personal testimonies and this is one of my favorites. I added a bit of video footage to it to spice it up. As this man was dying God sent an Orderly at the Hospital to pray for him. There was no doubt that there was a spiritual battle for the man's soul. He mentions there was a demon waiting for him and laughing like a hyena. That demon probably was the "spirit of death" and they wait around until the person dies and then they take the soul directly to hell. If a child of God dies, an Angel or two will wait around and take their soul with them.

My daughter told me that one of her patients was dying and she had a look of pure horror on her face. She kept pointing up at a certain part of the ceiling. Some other medical staff who came into the room commented on the horrible look this woman had on her face and they would ask, "what is she pointing at?" My daughter has had an ability to see spirits every since she was a child. This is something that many children can do, but they usually grow out of it. My daughter has mostly grown out of it. However, once in awhile she can see a spirit(s) in a room. In this particular case, she saw what the dying lady was seeing. She saw that a spiritual portal had opened up in the room and there was multiple demons that were wearing all black and they kind of looked like the "Grim Reaper." They were very scary looking and it seemed like they were waiting around for the lady to die. This what awaits those who have rejected Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and whom are not Born Again.

This is probably what happened to this man as he lay dying. But God in His incredible Grace, sent an Orderly to pray and praise God with this man. Then God had mercy on him and healed him. From what I understand, this man is now a missionary and he serves Jesus faithfully. Praise be to God!

Thank you for watching and may God bless you!

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