No Turning Back

Daughter much turmoil, much chaos will ring in the new year. Many think this world will return to its’ former glory, but I tell you things will only get worse and escalate, spiraling out of control . . .

By: Cryptic1

Doom and destruction are upon your doorstep children. I call upon My mighty warriors to fast and pray on My word and to stand and remain standing through the tumult and chaos. The end is near, but many do not recognize the time of day. Daylight fades and soon darkness will encroach upon the land. I speak in physical and spiritual terms of understanding.

Soon, very soon things will erupt and escalate as the forces that be . . . I speak of evil. . . manifests upon the earth. There will be no question of who you are dealing with, for the enemy will reveal himself along with his evil schemes to destroy My people and the world. The sin of pride which was present in him in the beginning has arisen and overtaken his being, where he believes he will overcome and rule the world. But short-lived will be his earthly reign as the saga of creation closes. I allow what I allow for the salvation of souls. Each soul is precious to Me, but many souls will need to be refined in the fire of persecution, tribulation and yes, even My wrath. I will do whatever it takes to bring many souls into My Kingdom. I died for love of you. I would do it all over again to save the lost from the fiery pit that was destined for the fallen ones.

Return to Me oh saints of the Most High. Return to your first love. Adore and worship Me alone. Give of Me your precious time and let me speak to your heart. I will reveal My secrets to you little ones, for I cherish our time together. Come into the secret place of the Most High. I call, I search high and low for those who would worship and spend quality time with Me. Am I esteemed so little that you you have little time to waste spent with Me? I call in the night, I call when darkness approaches, I call when you say My name. I AM That I AM. I Was and will soon return My children.

The battle is begun but know that you are not alone. I stand with you when you call upon Me through My name, through My word, through My precious blood and the word of your testimony. I come soon children. Bring in the harvest of lost souls to Me. Share my gospel, tell them how much I love them and call out to them even now. Destruction is at your door children. Do not wait for tomorrow or another opportunity to speak to the lost. Even now the evil one lies ready to strike and pounce upon the unbelieving and unsuspecting. Heed My voice, heed My words. The world will not return to the way it was. It is slowly moving towards the trials and tribulation I and the prophets of old have foretold. Seek Me now while it is daylight. Destruction comes with a heavy hand.

The forces of nature are rising. Tsunamis, tidal waves, geysers will erupt without warning. The earth is revolting and can no longer contain itself. Her lease is about to expire as the six thousand reign of the earth is about to end. Much destruction and much devastation. Hurricane force winds unheard of, storm force gales, erratic weather patterns. Your weatherman will not be able to predict the weather for it is bent on destruction and a will of its’ own accord. Earthquakes will increase. Sink holes will appear and destroy cities, buildings, foundations. The only thing standing will be that which is rooted in Me. Fires will rage on the earth and descend from the heavens. I speak of fireballs, meteors, comets, asteroids, all on a trajectory aimed at your earth. Nothing can stop the deluge of these celestial projectiles as I release them into your atmosphere. You will see radiation from the fallout. You will experience difficulty in breathing as the atmosphere is filled with noxious gases, some by natural means and others by the hand of man.

Many will seek shelter elsewhere as the riots surge and the government exacerbates the situation encouraging lawlessness. Yourcountry will be demoralized, and conflict and strife from within your government will usher in the fall of your nation America. Oh America that you would be healed, but you did not heed My words or the warnings of My prophets and so will suffer greatly, enduring greater suffering than has ever been known.

But in My unfathomable mercy, I call out to the lost, the suicidal, for many will desire to take their lives in those days thinking it will end their suffering, but it will be but the beginning. Children, work the harvest to bring in the lost souls to Me. Preach the Gospel, which is the only way to true salvation. It is My word that saves, nothing else. It is not the Church, it is not the Pastors of My sheep, it is the word spoken in faith and love that draws the sinner to true repentance.

I AM The Way, I AM The Truth, I AM The Life.

No one, I repeat, no one comes to the Father but through Me alone.

I AM Your servant, your Lord and King Yeshua He who Saves

The Lion of Judah will return soon


The Ruach HaKodesh

I come soon children

Be ready to receive Me upon the clouds of glory upon glory

Amen Amen Amen

Scripture Reference:

Jeremiah 51:9-10 9 We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed. Forsake her, and let us go everyone to his own country; for her judgment reaches to heaven and is lifted up to the skies. 10 The Lord has revealed our righteousness. Come and let us declare in Zion the work of the Lord our God.

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