Must Watch: Effects of the Vaccine Over The Next Few Years

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Although the Vaccine is very deadly, I do not believe that everyone who has taken it will die in the next few years, otherwise there would be no one left to worship the Beast. It is very possible that the lost who have taken the vaccine, but have since become Born Again will either be fully healed by God or will die, but have salvation. If Christians have been warned and warned about taking the Vaccine, like I am doing now, or the Holy Spirit has warned them, and they still take the Vaccine due to their job mandate, going on vacation, wanting to go shopping, surgery, etc, then God may not have much more grace for them . . . for they have been warned.

As for children, if their parents make them get the Vaccine, God will not hold them accountable. They may die from taking it, but either way, God will not allow satan to to take control over a child and be marked with the Mark of the Beast. Young children belong in Heaven.

Anyone who has lost their brain function over time (dementia, alzheimers, etc) and then were forced to take the Vaccine, God will probably not hold them accountable, but He will judge them if they rejected Jesus before they lost their brain function.

If you have taken the Vaccine, or were forced to take it, repent to a Holy God and fully surrender your life to Jesus before it is too late for you.

Thank you for watching and may God bless you and protect you!

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