Is Elon Musk the Antichrist?

Updated: Jul 15

Elon Musk is a very popular man around the world, and he is also one of the richest men in the world. (168 Billion Dollars) Recently he made a negative tweet about Bitcoin and Bitcoin went down in value and hasn't really recovered since then. That is how much power Elon has in the crypto world. A person cannot have that kind of power and money without making a deal with the devil. There is a lady on youtube who calls herself . . . "Shalom Girl." She was born in San Francisco in 1965. She came from an Illuminati background, (secret society) but she is now a devout Christian. Shalom Girl used to be a house girl to Elon, his mother and his grandfather. The Musks moved to the USA, but were originally from South Africa.

These are some important things Shalom Girl said about Elon Musk . . .

  • When Elon Musk was very young (born 1965) he could do magic. He also used to open portals and play with demons. When Elon was 7 or 8, he invited Shalom Girl to meet his friends (demons) in a "magical" space that was a portal he had opened/created in his bedroom. They were sucked into that portal. She calls it the abyss, mentioned in Revelation 10.

  • However, she says Elon and the demons wanted to sacrifice her, and she called to Jesus to save her from the demons, and the demons stopped and her and Elon returned back to the room. Then Elon asked her why she didn't like his "friends."

  • Elon Musk used to be called El Elyon, which means "God Most High" in Hebrew. It is absolute blasphemy to be named El Elyon.

  • When Shalom Girl was 13, she asked a lady she knew (in the Illuminati) if Elon is the antichrist? She received this answer . . . “No, but he will present the mark, and when you see him do that, the antichrist will take the stage”

  • She says Elon will lead the great deception and that he is the King of Babylon

OTG Comment: So, according to Shalom Girl's testimony, Elon Musk is not the antichrist, but he will have an important job to do for the antichrist, which will be to present the Mark of the Beast and basically pave the way for the antichrist. Satan is always copying God, and just like John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus the Messiah, it is possible that Elon Musk will pave the way for the antichrist. I cannot say for sure if this is true, so please take this to God in prayer. However, if it is true, it really does show how close we are to the Mark of the Beast and the rule of the antichrist. It also shows that all Christians should have absolutely nothing to do with Elon Musk and his dealings.

To Watch Video of Shalom Girl: Click Here