I Saw What Martial Law May Look Like

About 4-5 years ago I had a dream of a scene of what Martial Law may look like in America. I made a video about it a few years ago, but Youtube blocked it . . . By: OTG Ministry


In my dream I got a sense that things were very quiet in a certain neighborhood. No one was playing in the streets. It was as though people lived very quietly on purpose and were on their best behavior. It seemed that many people had left the neighborhood already (or were removed) and there were only a handful of families left on each street. There were sections of multiple streets that were controlled by a few men who looked like some type of militia. They looked like a combination of swat and police. Their uniforms were all black and they had black helmets on. They were covered so much that all you could see was their eyes and just the top of their cheek bones. So from that, you could see the color of their eyes and the color of their skin.

In my dream, there were 2 of these uniformed men that were in charge of this specific street. They organized a meeting for the residents of that street. This seemed to be something that happened often because I could see that the residents were not too concerned about this meeting. It seems that this was kind of routine for them. The residents were gathering together at a certain home on the block to have this meeting. I remember very specifically one of the two uniformed men. He had piercing blue eyes and white skin. The two uniformed men did not speak, but they did carry large automatic weapons. Because I did not hear them speak, they could have been American or possibly foreign.

I saw in the living room of this house that everyone in the street was gathered for a meeting. There was a large window right in front of the room that looked out at the front yard. Just as everyone was ready to start their meeting, the uniformed man with the piercing blue eyes stepped outside right in front of the big window and started shooting all the people in that room, through the large window with his automatic gun. He just sprayed them with bullets and I saw them slump over each other. The reason why he shot them through the window was because he did not want to shoot them at close range and get his uniform dirty or splattered with blood. He was as cold and callous as a human could be. I saw his eyes as he was executing all these people and he just did it like it was nothing. I understood that he did this because he had gotten orders to start clearing out these communities by killing the rest of the people that were still living there.

Then the dream ended . . .

I cannot say for sure, but I think that the other residents had been taken away to a FEMA Camp for either being difficult, being Christian or being Anti-Government. The people that were allowed to stay in their neighborhoods for awhile longer thought they could just be good citizens and be left alone. Yet the Government turned on them anyways and killed them in the end. I pray this was just a silly dream and will not come true, but I have a feeling that things like this will happen in the near future. It is important to grow closer to God/Jesus and only trust in Him and only Fear Him, and God will take care of you no matter what. Thank you for reading and may God bless you and keep you safe!