I Saw What Jesus Looks Like

Updated: Aug 10

I saw in great detail of what Jesus looked like in a dream . . .

By: OTG Ministry

Why I Had The Dream of Jesus . . .

About 6 months ago, I got very angry with God and I lashed out at Him. That is because when I was 13 years old (38 yrs ago) I had a devastating injury to my back in a skiing accident. I did a 180 degree twisting break of my spine and I broke my L5. It twisted so much that I sprained 4 ligaments in my back as well. It never severed my spinal cord, so I can still walk, but I have been in much pain for 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, for 38 years. What made it much worse was that the doctor I saw at the time did not believe me when I told him I heard and felt my back break. He never took x-rays because he thought that because I could still walk, that I was fine. So the next day I had to run in gym class with a broken and twisted back and with multiple sprained ligaments, when I should have been in surgery.

I have prayed many times to God and asked Him to heal me, but He doesn't. I have never once lashed out at God or even blamed God for my suffering until 6 months ago. Six months ago, I was starting to loose feeling in my lower extremities at times and would lose my balance easily. Six months ago I had just broken a toe from loosing my balance, and then, I had lost my balance again and almost broke a second toe on my other foot. I had finally had enough of all the pain and suffering and I lashed out at God. I told God that I would never make my own child suffer like He allows me to suffer. I also told Him that I know His decisions for my life are perfect because He is perfect, and His ways are not my ways. So, I lashed out at God and yet I glorified His Holy Name as well. I was so angry with God that I refused to talk to Him or read the Bible for a whole week. I knew that it would take something very special or supernatural to snap me out of my stubbornness of refusing to speak to God.

The Dream . . .

Then exactly 7 days after refusing to speak to God, I had an amazing dream. I saw a side view of Jesus about 20 feet from me. He was praying to the Father (God) and interceding for me. For those who don't know . . . Jesus now intercedes in Heaven for Christians (sheep) that have been given to Him. So when we mess up, Jesus will intercede on our behalf to the Father.

Then in the dream Jesus turned to His right and looked directly at me. I saw every one of His facial features in great detail, except for the color of His eyes. He was too far from me to make out the color of His eyes. What stood out the most about Him was His eyes. His eyes were a mixture of great love, sadness and disappointment in me. The last thing I ever want to do is make Jesus sad and disappointed in me. So, when I woke up from the dream, I prayed to God and repented to Him for lashing out at Him, for not talking to Him and for being prideful and stubborn. I also reassured God that I trust Him in that my pain and suffering is for a good reason. So now, all is well between God and I and I am closer to God more then ever. God even showed me some natural ways to manage the pain in my back, and my back is feeling a bit better now, although I am still in pain. I am looking forward to receiving a new glorified body and having no more pain one day soon.

When I woke up, I did not want to lose my memory of what Jesus looked like, so I googled some pics of Jesus and I picked out some pics that looked similar to Him.

Jesus' Eyes:

These pics show more of what Jesus' eyes look like. His eyes are stunning and show great love, compassion, mercy, kindness, joy, love, and peace all at the same time. Most pictures of Jesus, do not show what Jesus' eyes look like, but the pictures below are the closest that I could find . . .

Jesus' Hair and Nose:

Jesus' Hair is dark brown and it is very thick, almost like wool. His hair is down just to His shoulder, but is not past his shoulders. He does not have long hair or short hair, but medium length hair. He has a mustache and a very clean cut beard.

Jesus' nose does not stand out from His face because it is very proportionate to his whole face. You do not notice His nose when you look at Him, instead, you notice His eyes. The pictures below have His hair and His nose correct, but the eyes are wrong.

Jesus' Skin Color:

There has been a lot of controversy about Jesus' skin color. Jesus was and is Jewish, so it makes sense that His skin color is not black, nor pale white. What I saw is that His skin color looks like the skin color of a Jewish man who has been out in the sun quite a bit, or the skin color of a middle eastern man. The picture below shows His skin color, His hair color and His beard is correct, but His nose and eyes are wrong.

What Jesus Does NOT Look Like:

There are many popular pictures of Jesus that I found, and some of the most popular pictures do not look like Him. Jesus does not look European or Black. His hair is not short, wispy or trendy. The pictures below do not capture the look of Jesus at all.

In Closing . . . Jesus is a stunningly beautiful man, but yet at the same time, he does not have what you would consider as "model good looks." If He was just a man, we would probably look at Him and not think twice of it. It is who He is that makes Him stunning to look at.

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Thank you for reading and may God bless you