I Have Withdrawn

The first signal to be hoisted on the battle field is the closure of a group of banks; the collapse of the trading system from the lender to the borrower and the buyer and seller . . .

By: Edward Umling

There will be panic, disarray and unbelief. I strike at the very heart of this people says the LORD.

Hear Now O Nation, I have withdrawn! Show me your God and let him save you says the LORD

Important Comment By Arizona:

GOD TOLD EVERYONE FOR YEARS . . . TAKE MY NAME OFF YOUR MONEY YOU GODLESS NATION . . . they all laughed and told Him we will not do as you command. HE WARNED THEM HE WOULD TAKE THEIR MONEY AWAY FROM THEM IF THEY DIDN’T DO AS HE COMMANDED THEM. They all laughed again and said we will not do as you command, we use your name to FOOL the other nations into believing we are a godly nation. America is a REPROBATE NATION who uses GODS name to deceive the world.

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