House Church Rise Up!

“You must hold on a little longer and endure to the end. All things work for good for those who love Christ JESUS. (Romans 8:28) I have a plan for your life….do you not see it? (Jeremiah 29:11) . . .

By: Elizabeth Marie

If not, pray so it may become clearer to you. These trials have come to make you stronger so you can fight and make a stand when the day comes.

MY people are weak and not prepared for these last days. I will fortify them and make them strong soldiers in MY army. They will rise up at MY command, and pull down principalities, and cast out evil wickedness from among them.

Many will be trained to cast out demons, heal the sick and baptize. Others will be called to intercede for the saints. Others will preach and evangelize. Some will prophesy, others teach.

Let a new church arise now. Let it start in your heart and then spread to others. Let the fires of revival spread far and near.

Call a solemn assembly to come forth. First with your family, then your community. Meet in your homes like what was first done in the early days. Let prayer and praise reign supreme in these meetings.

Remember where two or more are gathered, I will be there! There is MY power present when MY body gathers together! (Ephesians 1:19)

I am calling forth MY people to regroup and reorganize. What the enemy has meant for harm, I will bring good out of it. (Genesis 50:20)

Come MY beloveds, and let us unite and be as one, (Ephesians 4:1-6)

You were made for such a time as this, (Esther 4:14)

Your commander and chief,


I waited and then asked the LORD if there anything else - I heard this:

- let MY people rise up and take a stand for ME

- learn from ME, for I am pure of heart and able to quiet the storm

- It is time to get the new HOUSES OF PRAYER started


What a Home Church Should Be Like:

  • NO leader, just mature believers in CHRIST that were advisors

  • moral authority, not positional authority

  • decisions made by the collective group

  • meet in houses

  • small groups - lots of little ‘churches’

  • everyone in group shares at meetings, not just one person

  • open for the participation and spontaneous movement of the HOLY SPIRIT

  • eat meals together, including the LORD’s SUPPER - no one should ever go hungry or thirsty

  • supports the personal ‘temple’ of a believer, instead of supporting a physical temple (building)

  • worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH

  • seeks the revelation and wisdom of the HOLY SPIRIT

Scripture Reference:

Joel 1:4

Consecrate a fast;

call a solemn assembly.

Gather the elders

and all the inhabitants of the land

to the house of the Lord your God,

and cry out to the Lord.