Guess How Much The Dalai Lama is Worth?

Updated: Nov 21

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I don't normally give the Dalai Lama much thought. He is someone who is very lost and he leads many other people away from the true Lord and Savior whom is Jesus Christ. Because of this, I feel sorry for him. Recently I ran into this video (above) where he is telling people to get the Covid Vaccine. Immediately I knew he was part of the Elite or the Freemasons. I always assumed the Dalai Lama never took money from people and wasn't worth much money, but when I saw this video I knew immediately he was rich and part of the Agenda. Sure enough if you Click Here you will see that his net worth is $150 Million Dollars. I cannot believe that he takes advantage of people like this. Not only is he lost, but he is a dangerous wolf. There are many people who will take the Vaccine because the Dalai Lama said to and yet when they get maimed or very sick, the greedy Dalai Lama will not pay for their medical expenses or loss of wages.

So then I decided to google him to see if he is showing satanic hand signs like people do who are part of secret societies, and sure enough, the Dalai Lama is showing the devil horned hand sign. (see below)

Make no mistake that the Dalai Lama is probably part of the Freemasons and he has an Agenda to abide by, which is why he pushes the vaccine. It seems that God is really showing us who is wicked and who isn't in these last days, and the Dalai Lama is wicked and will lead many people straight to hell. However, I do encourage the Brethren to pray for him if you feel lead to. God can do a work in him because with God, all things are possible. God wants you to fully trust in Him and not to trust in man. The only way to reconcile to the only God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, is to fully surrender your life to His only begotten Son . . . Jesus/Yeshua

Thank you for watching and may God bless you!

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