Flooding in Germany . . . Global Warming or God's Judgment?

I have been following the flooding in Germany quite closely. The devastation is heartbreaking . . . By: OTG Ministry

What irritates me about the reporting of it, is that on almost every video I've seen about it, they always mention Global Warming as the cause. So then most people blame it on that or they talk about "Mother Nature" being angry. Has anyone ever met Mother Nature? I haven't and that is because Mother Nature is just 2 words and not a person or thing. People are talking about something that is nothing.

If people would even bother to look it up, there is no such thing as humans causing Global Warming. Yes, it is very possible that the world is warming up a bit, but there is not one shred of evidence that humans have caused it or that humans can stop it.

Please read this article of how 31,000 Scientists say, "no convincing evidence," that humans can or will cause global warming . . . Click Here

What really is going on is that Scientists realized that the world is warming up a bit, which has happened on and off for thousands of years. Then the Elite/Illuminati/Masons decided to use that concept to control the people and highly profit off of people. Because most of the world does not believe in the one true God, and therefore do not trust in Him, they fell hard for this narrative. The Elite appointed Al Gore in the 1990's to lead the Global Warming Circus and because of that, Al Gore now has a net worth of about 300 million dollars. The 300 million dollars that Al Gore has didn't just come out of nowhere. It came from the gullible middle class and poorer class people who fell for the narrative of Global Warming. God allowed this all to happen because that is what God does when you do not love Him, submit to Him, fear Him, trust Him, obey Him and serve Him . . . through Jesus Christ.

So what is the truth about Global Warming? The truth is that God is fully in control. He created the earth and He decides if it will warm up at times or cool down at times. No human being can warm up the earth or cool down the earth. The concept of "Mother Earth," does not exist, but it is God who controls what happens in nature and to the earth. The reality is that God is very angry with the world right now, because the world has rejected Jesus and the world has become very evil in the sight of God. The world is groaning and things are changing rapidly, and it will only get worse. Every part of the world (not just Germany) will receive God's judgements and wrath in the near future. This is why all heck is breaking loose all around the world, not just with civil unrest and pestilence, but also climate change and an increase in storm activity. These things also happened in the Old Testament when God was angry with His people. God uses the weather for His will to be done. He is bringing people to their knees, so they will cry out to Him and become saved before Jesus comes back. If God did not do this, then most people will go into the Lake of Fire for all eternity for rejecting Jesus.

Wake up and cry out to God and give your life to Jesus before it is too late for you. Stop believing the Global Warming narrative and instead believe in Jesus. Please also pray for Germany and other Countries, and areas that are suffering in these last days. Thank you for reading and may God bless you!