FEMA Centers At Churches

Before I get into the dream, it is worth noting that at an evangelical church I used to attend they recently built a huge gymnasium type building attached to it . . .

By: MJ

The cost of the building was way more than the church congregation could raise, so the funds obviously came from another source. I also know that a few other evangelical churches in my county have built similar type structures at their churches within the last few years. With that said here is the dream I had:

I was inside the new gymnasium building at the church and there were sleeping cots arranged in lines all across the floor of the building. There was fear and panic on everyone. They were coming there to find food and shelter. The stores were closing and power was turned off at their homes so they found a place of temporary shelter at the church. The church gymnasium building had power and food stocked up. The Pastor of the church was on a balcony above the gym floor telling everyone to listen to him and that we all must get tested for the sickness and vaccinated against it. He had government officials working with him there. After a few days the pastor said that buses would be coming to take the people to better and bigger shelters and that we would all be safe, to just go along and submit to the government and we would be protected. At that point I saw lines forming and people I knew lining up at the church to get on the buses. I was screaming at them to get out of the lines because they were being sent to human processing centers. End of dream


After praying about it I feel very strongly that many of our churches have made partnerships with the government. (501c3) In return for financial support and protection, many pastors will be selling out their congregations. I feel many pastors will tell their congregations to get the covid vaccine and to go to the “camps” that we have been hearing about for years. I did some research after my dream and to my surprise I came across a phrase called “Clergy Response Team.” Everyone may want to look that up. The more we know at this point the better prepared we will be. God bless.

Important Comments:


There is an article on a Christian website called NOW THE END BEGINS where a group of preachers 2,700 of them are telling people it’s okay to get the vaccine. Also Pope Francis is behind Gates saying that all 7 billion of us should get it. I told an elderly friend today in a letter not to get any at all.


I discovered this last year and talked to my pastor and wife about this. The 501c3 tax exemption that many churches request from the government requires that they maintain a “clergy response team’ and work with the government officials to assist them for crisis situations within their cities and communities etc. Our church decided to withdraw from the 501c3 tax exemption so they would not have to participate. It would be wise at this point for anyone who will to talk to their pastors as well and discuss this with them so they too can withdraw before it’s too late.

Handmaid of the Most High:

Yes. Indeed, we are about to embark down this road. 501(c)(3) designations as non-profit, not for profit and/or charity have many strings attached and the lure to the individual is that the donations are deductible from personal taxes have allowed many millions, who donate/contribute to be placed on a special “list”. There is no true independence among these organizations once they filed for that tax protection with the government! I have been several warnings to those in churches to GET OUT! Many people do not realize that the pastors are the ravening wolves eyeing the sheep. We saw in the last major war how RCC was complicit with the Third Reich. It will happen again, it will be most of those using the 501(c)(3) code. I have my degree in Non-Profits which included understanding about this code, though not the keys behind it. Once I realized what it was truly about, I chose not to work in that field.

Absolutely, anyone reading this must realize that any formal “security” offered is a death sentence once you place your life in the care of another. The only escape will be to take that mark on the hand or forehead or suffer the consequences!


Clergy Response Team. Must sign waiver. NEVER PRAY, NO BIBLE, NEVER USE NAME OF JESUS!!! Will be used instead of Swat Teams door to door. Separating families bused to FEMA camps. Men in shackled rail cars already fitted with chains. Confirmed by lifetime Law Enforcement officer. Women belted in Military trucks. You don’t think they’d go willingly separated from their children forever?! And children in blacked out window school buses. Clergy Response team must convince them ts for their best?! Door to door and in FEMA camps. Are you ready?! Are you ready for this?! Pray and prepare as God leads. Blood of Jesus on your doorposts.


I remember years ago reading about this 501c3. I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember that once in, it is hard to get out. I’m not sure about the independent churches, but the ones that are an umbrella denomination (Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. have to give their churches and property back. In other words…very costly. If anyone has more clarification or knowledge about this, please let us know. I do know that at least 28,000 pastors have been through this response team training. Now multiply that times the amount of sheep they have. That is phenomenal.

Jesse Terrell:

I heard about this a few years back. I even put a post on Facebook which was not well received. Apparently, several thousand—28…50…100? —pastors were recruited by the government DHS, I believe. They want to retain their 501-C3 tax exempt status, so they must comply with the government. At least I believe that is what they were told. Martial law is coming. And these pastors are trained to go along with the government–because of Romans 13:1–about obeying the government. So they will ostensibly tell their congregations to go to “resettlement”, or relocation camps. They are encouraged not to use many Bible verses, just normal encouraging remarks. I’m sure they will tell them to get vaccines, chips (mark of b.) or do whatever government says. Children will be separated from their parents. You can imagine what UN troops or others will do to us believers behind closed doors. Read Revelation if you want to find out. And the pope, false prophet is connected, and the a.c.GOD bless all believers. Jesus Christ, our LORD, said we must endure to the end to be saved. And so we must.

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