Extremely Disturbing: Doctors Are Killing Patients For Covid Money

Updated: 3 days ago

Please Watch Video

I think it is very important for people to see the evil that is going on behind closed doors. The Doctor in the video is putting his hands over the nose and the mouth of the patient to smother him. He doesn't press down on his throat to kill him because he doesn't want to leave a mark there and make it look like a murder. A person made a comment about this video that makes it very clear on why the Doctor is killing this man . . .

"Hospitals around the world get "covid relief" money (funded by Bill Gates and other globalists) whenever a patient is reported as dying of covid. This particular Doctor may be in India or some other country where it is easier to kill someone, because of how the system is setup, to funnel money. This Doctor, after murdering this poor soul, will put that he died of breathing problems due to covid on the death report. Money will then be sent to the hospital Director, or whomever handles the finances and the Director and this Doctor will split a cut from it. God is using man's evil PLANdemic to give everyone a chance to show who they are and where they stand. Most of the world is silent about this fake de-population agenda knowingly. Most Doctors are silent because they are cowards, and are making a cut like this one, or just lazy and love the fact that they get their full pay with half the patient load that they used to have. Office workers know its BS, but stay silent because they like working from home... Speak up truthers, God knows you." Kaleb

I personally am having a health problem now, but I feel very convicted to stay away from Doctors, Hospitals and Medical Clinics. I have heard that people are going in for surgeries and they are being vaccinated during the procedure without their consent. There is really not much difference in knowingly giving someone a kill jab that either maims them or kills them, or strangulating them, like the video above. The only difference is that one death is quicker than the others. Once a Doctors stoops so low as to be a part of a mass killing agenda, (Vaccine Agenda) then who knows what else he/she is capable of.

Do not put your trust in Doctors and Medicine in these End Times. Only put your trust in God. May God have mercy on those who kill people, let alone kill them for money.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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