Explosive Interview From A Funeral Director

Updated: 3 days ago

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This explosive interview is from a Funeral Director who really sees what is happening. His interview is so revealing that he was offered $85,000 to keep quiet.

He talks about how the narrative of many people dying of Covid, and yet that is not what he saw at all, in fact, the very opposite. Hardly anyone was dying of Covid, but as soon as people started to receive the Covid Vaccine, then many people were dying. This really rings true for me because I personally know a few people who had Covid, but I do not know of one single person who has died from it. Yet, I know of 6 people who have died from the Covid Vaccine. So this tells me that the Government absolutely lied about the numbers of the Covid Deaths and they are also lying about the many deaths that are caused by the Covid Vaccine.

He also talks a bit about the Detention/FEMA Centers being built and that they will be used to detain those who refuse the Vaccine. It is a very interesting and informative interview that I really recommend you watch.

Thank you for watching and may God bless you!

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