End Time Warriors - The Wild Ones

God is releasing the wild ones right now. They are the rough around the edges with pure hearts and reformation hammers to break through the places that sugar-coated apathetic Christianity couldn’t take us . . . By: Warriors For God

They aren’t coming in a rage, but they will look like a threat to old systems, weak and tired structures, and anything trying to stay in the outdated wine skin. They are actually the repairers and builders of something unheard of or seen. They haven’t been given a red carpet welcome, but they will be clothed in so much Glory it will be hard to deny. The fire of the secret place is all around them and they aren’t here to play games but to carry the torch of revival and establish the kingdom on the earth. Reformers, this is your season!

Who Are The Wild Ones?

- They are not practiced, polished, politically correct, professional preachers of the Apostate Church. On the contrary, they have been tested and trained in the wilderness and baptised with fire.

- They will cry aloud and spare not.

- They are true Warrior Assassins, bold, fearless, dead to the world, with no agenda except to advance the Kingdom of God and see the Glory of God revealed to the world. - They are the point of the tip of a razor sharp double-edge sword and spear. - They are radical fire brands, change agents, uncompromising, and full of the wrath of the Lord.

- They are unlike anything the Church has ever seen. - They will not go to the Church, the Church will come to them. - They cannot hold it in and they cannot remain silent.

- They have heard the sound of the trumpet and they are sounding the alarm, blowing the trumpet in Zion. - They cry, "wake up, o sleeper and rise from the dead. Get in the Ark before it is too late! Repent or Perish! Holiness or Hell! Be a Living Sacrifice! Come out of her or you will share in her plagues and destruction!" - They will compel believers to press on toward the goal, to win the prize, to be a bride without stain or wrinkle, but Holy and blameless, and to attain to the whole measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, for that is Her destiny. (Eph 4:13) - They are wrecking balls, called to root up, tear down, destroy, overthrow, and to build and plant. - They will cry aloud and spare not. - They are to the Church what John the Baptist was to the Pharisees, Reformers, preparing the way of the Lord with an axe laid to the root of the death producing, lukewarm, doctrines of demons, traditions of men and another Gospel Church of America. - They will oppose, expose, mock and ridicule all idolatry, false teaching, deception and compromise. - They are not an upgrade from, an addition to, or the next new thing coming from the Apostate Sleeping Church.

- They have come out of the wilderness and have consumed a different diet.

- They dress differently, think differently and speak differently.

- Their message is "wake up o sleeper and rise from the dead, repent for the Kingdom is at hand, and be Holy for He is Holy!" - They are more than conquerors, they are conquerors bent on conquest. - They come in direct opposition of the status quo and false prophets. - They are coming to root up, tear down, destroy, and overthrow the Harlot Church System. - They have not been tainted by the yeast of the Pharisees. - They are not part of the sleeping virgins of Matthew 25, that were lulled to sleep by the pillow prophets of the American Church. - They are wide awake.

- They have been trained in the wilderness for such a time as this.