The Elderly Are Being Murdered With Covid-19 Vaccine

Updated: Jul 17

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Hardly anyone is reporting the fact that many elderly people in Nursing Homes are being made to take the Covid-19 Vaccine against their will. The families of the elderly are signing consent forms and the elderly have no choice in the matter. Many times their immune system is very compromised because of their age and their body cannot handle the toxicity of the vaccine.

I personally know someone who works in a Nursing Home and that person stated that after the residents received their 2nd Covid-19 Vaccine, 3 of the them died within a few days. They had seizures and then they had respiratory failure. They never link their deaths to the Covid Vaccine and it is put that they died from being old . . . basically. This is a terrible thing and I highly warn people to protect their elders from getting the Covid-19 Vaccine or you may have to answer to God because it truly is murder.

This same thing happened where they wanted to get rid of the elderly and the mentally handicapped in Nazi Germany. Then after that, they wanted to get rid of the Jews and we know how that went. May God have mercy on us all!

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CNA Witnesses Many Deaths of the Residents at Nursing Home After Covid-19 Vaccination