Dream: FEMA Poisons US Citizens

Updated: Jul 17

In my dream I found myself in some city in the United States. I live in Florida, but this happened in all the US. There was no electricity and all was dark, people walking very tired, hungry, desperate, disorderly, dirty . . . By: Lillian Viana

It looked like they walked a lot to get to that town. So many people lost everything and they have no place to go. In that town they put cords between posts and hung some kerosene lamps.

FEMA was there with tables and food waiting for people to go there to feed them and then take them in school buses to FEMA Camps. I was observing and the people that were there eating, were instructed to board the bus. I took a look at the bus and I saw the people in the bus were sitting with their head on the shoulder of the person sitting next to them. I understood God was with me showing me what was happening. So I said to God, “Oh Poor people they are very tired and falling asleep right away after getting into the buses." And God told me “No that’s not the reason, the food they are giving to them is poisonous . And I woke up from the Dream.

Please don't ever trust FEMA. Soon their only purpose will be to kill people, not to help them. Trust only in the Lord God Almighty!