Dream: Darkness is Coming

A few years ago I had a dream about End Times. It was about a very heavy darkness that will come upon the world . . .

By: OTG Ministry


I was working in a high rise building and I was on a floor that was very high up and it was also surrounded by high rise buildings. I had to be at least on the 40th floor where I could NOT see the ground from the middle of the room. The office that I worked in was surrounded by windows. There was a large table in the middle of the room and a group of us were working on a project of some kind that had maps spread out on the table. There was about 10 of us at this table. Very quickly everything got very dark. I looked through the windows and I saw that the surrounding buildings were completely darkened. There was no light from the sky either. Everything was pitch black. Also, the darkness was a thick and tangible darkness that you could touch. There was a wickedness to the darkness. I started to feel very uncomfortable and I felt dirty from this gross darkness. Then someone turned some kind of a light on near the table where I was, and I looked up at the faces of my co-workers and for a lack of a better term, they looked like zombies. They had a demonic look to them and their flesh was peeling off of their faces. They were all staring at me. My heart started to race because I knew my life was in great danger, and then I woke up.


I do know that there is a great darkness that will come upon the world at the 6th Seal of Revelation and I wonder if my dream had anything to do with that. All I know for sure is the world will continue to get more and more wicked (dark) and things will become very dangerous for Christians. Thank you for reading and may God bless you.