Door To Door and Forced Vaccinations Coming Soon

When the Covid-19 Vaccination first came out, the narrative was that no one will be forced to take it. However, now we are seeing more and more that not only will people be required to take it, they possibly will be forced to take it. This is just more proof that there is something in the Vaccine that "they" want you to have in your system, and it has nothing to do with protecting you from a deadly virus. The Covid Virus is just a bad flu virus that some people get, and very few people die from it. I recently heard that almost everyone in a small town got the Covid-19 Virus and no one reported it. Almost everyone was quite sick for about a week and then they all got back to normal and no one died. God created your immune system to be able to handle viruses. Trust in God and not some silly and even deadly vaccine.


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