Don't Trust The Masses

Updated: Jun 15

TODAY while you still can SEEK MY FACE for your lives, your loved ones lives, ask ME! . . . By: Judy Reynolds

My People, Hear the words of My mouth this day . . .

TODAY while you still can SEEK MY FACE for your lives, your loved ones lives, ask ME! I will give you wisdom and guidance to make the decisions that shall soon need to be made and those NOW that need to be made. I go before you! I need you to follow closely, do NOT lag behind. Stay in FASTING as I lead you.

FEAR NOT! I AM WITH YOU! Ask ME if you need to understand a thing, if you do I will show you, do not take the bait of your enemy by keeping your minds busy on earthly matters that soon shall no longer matter.

Be growing in your faith IN ME! I WILL lead you. Ask me to give you a “Red Siren” (alert) about a problem, issue or decision in your life, as I know that there is now an overload of information and of all areas of your lives that need attention. I understand the complexity of your times in which you live, so ask ME and I will give you an Urgent KNOWING for the priorities of the day.

Do NOT trust the masses now, pray more for others and be wise in your friendliness with others as the enemy uses flesh for much of his tasks and assignments. Read MY Word often, declare it often and stay in intimacy with your FIRST Love, THE FIRST BORN among many brethren.

I know the way that you take and you shall come forth as gold. HOLD FAST MY BLESSED INHERITANCE! Pray for the children, the fatherless, the widows, the homeless and yes; even the proud. Ask ME for a greater anointing and you shall have it.

Souls, My children, including your own - tend to souls, We are “down to the wire now!”

I AM your redeeming Kinsman. TRUST, and OBEY My Holy Spirit which directs you. Darkness comes stronger by the day. Stay in MY Light!

The crucified One, The LION of JUDAH, THE MESSIAH, Lord and Savior,