Do Not Oppress The Sojourner: Urgent Prayer is Needed!

Updated: Nov 21

OTG Comment: Please read this very important prayer request from CJ, for Migrants (immigrants) who are in a desperate situation. I was an immigrant myself at one time, so I understand a little bit of what they go through. I was born and raised in Canada, but around 27 years ago, Canada was doing a bunch of cutbacks and there were no jobs, especially in the medical field. So my husband and I and my twin daughters moved to and settled down in Texas, where we lived for 20 years. During my time in Texas I grew to really love the Mexican people. I admired their sense of family, their hard work ethic, and they have amazing food. I also noticed that Texans really benefited from them because they made things much more affordable due to them being paid lower wages. Also, the Mexican people were nothing but good to me and my daughters for the 20 years that I live around them in Texas. I still remember them fondly even though I have now lived back in Canada for the past 7 years. Yet at the same time, I understand that there has to be some kind of control at the border. It is just a difficult situation no matter which way you look at it. It is also important to note that God mentions the "sojourner" many times in the Bible . . .

“You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt." Exodus 22:21

Migrants are basically sojourners and you are to never oppress or wrong a sojourner. You are to show compassion for them and teach them the Gospel. If they reject the Gospel, then they are your enemy, and yet Jesus said to love your enemies. If they surrender their life to Jesus, then they are your Brethren and you are to love them as well. Also remember that many of you will run into this desperate situation due to not being vaccinated and you would want people to show mercy on you as well.


CJ From Mexico Writes: I wanted to send an e-mail to ask for prayers for those that many may not think about and to those that occupy my mind and heart. May you please ask your visitors to pray for the people the world labels as "migrants." I got some unfortunate details of what is going on at the borders between Mexico and the U.S. For TJ (Tijuana) the people who have been trying to gain entry to the U.S. and seek asylum for some years, as well as newcomers to see if they can take the steps to get processed to enter the U.S. What is happening is that the Mayor and other officials have placed a fenced around their camps as a protocol, which I know is another enslavement tactic to be used as a part of the covid agenda to be separated from the border crossing and their area. They gave people I.D. number cards with their picture through deception to be monitored. To the migrants it seems like a safety measure to ensure safer processing, but this is another tool deceptively being used with the agenda narrative.

I can clearly see where this is going as it appears to be a type of concentration camp. Many tents have been destroyed where children and their families lived. It is being said they were empty tents as an excuse to toss their temporary homes away. The fence that was built around them surprised many people, as it will basically keep them facilitated there. There are a staff of nurses administering the Covid 19 death shots to everyone also being used for them to comply as a "gesture to be in line if they want to gain entry to U.S." After many who will take these evil shots adults, young adults, and soon children will eventually and sadly many will die. The electricity was cut as well and I feel its poor mistreatment to the people enduring this in hopes to gain a better life. Sadly, many do not see that there will be no better life at the current time we are all faced and this devastates my heart as I see chaos could erupt when deaths occur down there.

Why am I writing all this? Its not about the politics or anyone's view on who deserves to enter the U.S. or those who frown upon the people who are labeled "migrants." They are humans like we all are. Its not up to people to decide labels and one's way of life whether people stay in their home lands or move to another, whether they pay or not pay because they may not have those needs, but out of desperation try vs staying in their conditions. Yes, there are some that are spoiled in the crowds but majority are in it from a pure perspective and are hard workers. Ask one question to yourself, if you lived in a 3rd world country where the powers work against its own people into violence and poverty and death. What would you do? What would you do if you did have your own land from hard work and your owned a business, but it was taken from you? What would you do? Think about the many more reasons of what these people have to endure or will have to endure. Some leave families behind and risk to carve a better way in hopes to bring those left to a better land. Many people may not think about that because they have an advantage life of comforts, so many either omit it out of their hearts intentionally, or may be obvious, or some just do not care.

There are many who look down on people who try to risk their lives for a better tomorrow. There are some like myself who thinks about these things and place myself in their shoes to understand their troubles and struggles. To discredit the disadvantages and misfortunes of others is contributing to the issues of human life that should be valued and regarded. I wanted to place this on everyone's hearts to have compassion and mercy for those are disadvantaged. Many people I know of had businesses of their own and it was taken from them by corruption, lives threatened, families murdered, lands and homes perished due to that, evil trying to promote young lives to comply or die, a faulty leadership who does very little for their own people, people taking desperate measure through a crazy system to get by and so much more. There are sinister and darker things that many do not know about. I know of another group of people who were kidnapped, women in their families raped while their children witnessed, people being sacrificed to satanic alters to death and other forms of witchcraft and then decapitated, and remains used to then force those kidnapped to eat what was left as a cruel and sadistic way for evil. Savings stolen and plundered, abandoned in areas they do not know and some are blessed to live. In order to comprehend, you would have to live what they have to see why many want a better life. Hearing these things I hope it opens some of your hearts to at least think differently and to empathize.

For me, I would be on the same quest they took to find a better way of life for my family. This is to not gain sympathy, this is to not strike a political debate, but to open your heart and ones mindset to understand many sides that some of you did not think about. Mercy and compassion is what many more need for those who have not placed this in their thoughts or hearts. Pay no attention to what the mainstream media puts out, including a bad light on those wanting to better their lives. Its time to not allow them to deceive us and cause more hate and strife, divisions of every level, its what they are doing and want for chaos and control.

PLEASE PRAY FOR MIGRANTS and leave them not out of your prayers. I have watery eyes as I write this because my heart and soul hurts. Mainstream will not cover this when the time comes, but the set up is being placed as population control and a barrier of death for these precious people, but there will be many deaths that are swept under the rugs and used as an excuse for more hate. This will happen not just on the labels of "migrants" but the covid deaths that they are using now with the agenda (narrative) to cover up and say they died because they were "not vaxxed" to further push why it should be mandatory. When really they might have died because they are coaxed to take it. I feel there will be some chaos from this and I see many will die after all the suffering they have endured. Also, those who are becoming citizens of the U.S. will be required to provide form I-693 where they have to provide proof of vaccination.

I am alerting everyone that life is not going back to normal including those anxiously waiting at the borders of the U.S. as well as other parts of the world as well. Unfortunately, they do not understand entirely and its shattering as I see where this is headed for many of them. This enslavement is coming for us all soon on every level. From regular passports, bank accounts, money, booted out of our homes and off property, money confiscated, employment, the way you live, think, speak, and conduct yourselves etc. Let us all understand we need to spend more time on our knees in prayer and better equip ourselves and help our fellow brethren best way we can. Pray for them too. Very soon, many of us could be in those unfortunate shoes as those wanting a better life . . . something to reflect about. Look what is happening now with C19 agenda, which is leading the world to NWO. Many of us should count our blessings and be thankful for what we have. Its little things that we a lot of times show no thanks for as its normal, but people I know of would be so thankful for those little things. A warm bed to sleep on and a warm meal for some people would be a luxury. Just reflect on these things. Also, please pray for those that are blindly getting their children vaccinated. I feel there will be some children that sense its not good and want to not take it, but their parents will make them get it. Please pray as I will to and prepare our hearts for much more sadness as this evil is coming to children now.

May God continue to be with all of us.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you and keep you safe!

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